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Abstract The OCI is recognized as one of the most widely used and thoroughly researched organizational surveys in the world. The OCI provides a picture of an organization’s operating culture in terms of the behaviors that members believe are expected or implicitly required. By guiding the way in which members approach their work and interact with one another, these “behavioral norms” determine the organization’s capacity to solve problems, adapt to change, and perform effectively (Lafferty & Cooke, 2007).
The OCI has been designed to help understand the organization that you work with and the internal culture. It gives you a perspective on the environment that you work in and how you fit with the culture.

Nursefinders Staffing mission is to provide quality, comprehensive personnel management solutions, rewarding career opportunities, and superior health care services to our clients in a respectful and efficient manner. The entire Nursefinders Staffing team works hard to complete our mission. Nursefinders Staffing places the highest value on our employees and their contributions to help achieve Nursefinders Staffing’s overall mission.
Nursefinders Staffing offers you a work atmosphere conducive to helping you exert your best in your job. At the same time Nursefinders Staffing expects you to perform your job responsibly, effectively, efficiently and competently. All Nursefinders Staffing staff, managers and employees must be committed to meeting or exceeding Nursefinders Staffing performance expectations.
As a Nursefinders Staffing employee, you have a right not to participate in aspects of care or treatment that are in direct conflict with your cultural values or religious beliefs. You should address any conflicts with your recruiter at time of hire. Your personal values and beliefs will be honored before assignments. This consideration,...

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