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1)What is your assessment of the job Jim Triandiflou has done getting started and assembling key human resources?

Leaving a well-paying job in a big company to have a startup of your own requires great courage and is quite an achievement in its own right. Triandiflou, with the kind of conservative family he has come from where switching schools is considered 'big change' has done really well in the aspect of getting started. Moreover, he pooled in more money than Ken Burows and Mike Meisenheimer.

As for assembling key human resources, he did not do a great job. He partnered up with Ken Burows who played it safe because of his family situation, which is fair enough from his perspective but not from that of the company. Since it initially was Ken and Triandiflou's brainchild, he should have been there or at least he should have been honest about this situation from the start. Jim also got Mike Meisenheimer on board, with whom he currently is having problems. This is addressed in question 3.

Next up is working with Flex solutions and Ron Hardin for the development of the Sales Management Automation (SMA) Suite of s/w. Flex did not produce the results that Ockham was looking for. At this point Jim should have been more judicious in his choices. All this is easy for us to say in hindsight. The key to success in a startup is the ability to learn quickly from your mistakes and not repeat them. It is our hope Triandiflou has learned his lesson

2) How will the current fund-raising efforts affect the formation of Ockham’s board of directors (BOD)?
Jim Triandiflou’s fund-raising decision will have several immediate affects, with long-term affects being less predictable. In the short term, this decision will: 1) Dictate the size of the board of directors (BOD) 2) Determine the BOD level of expertise 3) Leverage BOD members’ impact on Ockham...

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