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Odds and Intellect

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The Odds of Intellect, Free Will and Conscience

We, people, believe that everything is made on purpose. A thing is not built for nothing, rather built for something. To make this more specific, Human Being itself is a worthy representation of what we are talking about. Just like everything else! Human being is made on purpose. Even only within the current situation we are experiencing, yes, we have already concluded that we are made to do something for many things, and rather for anything. But the critical thing to ask here now is how could a human being do a specific task given by its creator? Here is where we put the idea of human being created with intellect, free will, and conscience. There are a lot of things to do by a particular human being, but without these three ideas, a greater probability that the duty will go wrong.

A machine is built on purpose that literally does functions. These, what we so called three ideas, have a lot of functions too. But these are like parts of a machine that without the other gear that connects the other, it will totally be irrelevant. However, there is an act of purpose in which you will use your intellect, free will, and conscience. It is so called the Decision Making. With this, we can relate each of these three ideas simultaneously. In relating each other, we can say that conscience is the heart of the machine we are talking about. This is because conscience is the thing that broadly affects decisions. As per logical equation: “Heart is to love. Love is to affect. Therefore, Heart is to affect.” As we think deeper, there is a greater relevance of the equation made. Furthermore, conscience affects decisions because this is the moment where thinking twice occurs. As always, there are only two of them; positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong, go or stop, etc. As we think twice, we then are to use out intellect in thinking widely and deeply in order for us to arrive at such point, we call, the decision. As we arrive on this point, it is then our free will that will do such activities on purpose.

Human Being is made with intellect in order to do such good choices for the free will to be more significant, momentous, and substantial. For it to arrive in this, we should first do such decision making and hear the beats of the heart of it, which is, of course, our conscience. To conclude, it is unnecessary for a person to say that he / she is worthless. Maybe it can only be said because these three things are not done appropriately; rather to a machine it is under maintenance. Just give it a little time to rest, because a machine, much more of a person, needs rests too. We are made to do such things on purpose, but we must not forget that there are a lot of reasons why we are made; another thing is to live life happily as it could be.

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