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Odysseus Journey In The Odyssey

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The ten year journey Odysseus experiences teaches him lessons that benefit him throughout the rest of his life. In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus undergoes various obstacles while trying to reach his goal. Odysseus’ goal to go home is more essential to his character than his journey; this is because he constantly reminds himself of his goal, his goal gives him a purpose, and he always keeps his goal in mind when making decisions. To begin, Odysseus frequently reminds himself of his objective. In the episode Land of the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus notices his men ate the Lotus flowers, which makes them lose all desire to go home. He then reminds himself of his goal to go home and singlehandedly carries all his men back to the ship. Odysseus …show more content…
Odysseus is stranded on the island Ogygia for an extensive amount of time. His desire to see his son and wife, Telemachus and Penelope, grows over this time. While Odysseus voyages home to see his family, Telemachus is also looking for Odysseus. This makes it even more important for him to get home. Telemachus tremendously helps Odysseus when he rebuffs over one hundred suitors. He fights courageously, earning his father's respect and trust. Lastly, Odysseus always keeps his goal in mind when making decisions. This comes into play during the Palace of Circe episode. Odysseus and his men go to the palace, and Circe puts a trance on them with her singing. This forces them to stay there for a year. When that year is up, Odysseus finally comes to his senses and decides to continue on his voyage home. In conclusion, Odysseus always reminding himself of his goal, his mission keeping him focused, and him referring back to his goal when making decisions, all plays a part in the idea that his goal is more important than his journey. Odysseus’ journey home definitely forces him to go through events that better him as a person, but his goal has a better impact on his character in the

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