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We are very thankful to almighty “ALLAH” who has been instrumental in completing our assignment.
First of all we would like to thank our teacher Mr. Maksudul Karim who has been very polite and helpful in giving us instructions and elaborately discuss of the key features of these assignment. I wish to thank my parents for their undivided support and interest who inspired us and encouraged us to go our own way, without whom I would be unable to complete my project. At last but not the least I want to thank my friends who appreciated me for my work and motivated me and finally to God who made all the things possible. Then comes our friends who have helped us giving ideas and lots of information, thoughts & made this project easy and accurate. Despite of their busy schedules they never ignored to help us. We will try to the best for this assignment.

01. Introduction:
Every company has to perform some operation process, it is essential for big or small company. Without a operation system a company cannot go ahead. Operation management is the management of system or process that create goods or provide services. For any type of goods or services need the operation process. Operation management may be defined as managing the resources required to produce the product or services provided by a organization.

Company Profile.

Rubiaya Knitwear Ltd. Basically they produce T-shirt .It is 100% export oriented garments. They export most of their product in European countries and America. They start their activities in 2006in the month of October. their capital is tk.1cr. Now we are giving some basic information about this factory:

Name : Rubiaya Knitwear Ltd.

Address: 14, staff quarter road, Demra , Dhaka.

Worker amount: 1400 people.

Description Of machinery: a) Single needle----------------------------------- 250

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