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Of Mice and Men Theme

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Cultural Differences: A Lesson in Tolerance
Approximately Two - Three Weeks of Instruction

Stage 1 – Desired Results
Quarter 4 Rhetorical Approach Standards – Grade 7:

V1.1 (identify figurative language), RC 2.4 (compare original text to summary), RC 2.6 (relate author’s evidence to claim), LRA 3.5 (identify recurring themes), WA 2.2 (response to literature)
Big Ideas & Understanding(s):

Essential Question(s):

We are authors of own identity.


How would I describe the people in my community? Students will understand that…
Stereotypes change over time; individuals must resist stereotyping. Individuals should consider themselves members of fluid or changeable groups.
An extended metaphor can be a powerful way to structure an argument.

2. What are some different ways that I define my own identity?
3. How can a metaphor be extended to tell an entire narrative?
4. How can cultural differences within the United
States strengthen us as a country?

Student will know…

Students will be able to…

Comparisons (extended metaphors) are powerful ways to structure an argument

1.Trace the author’s argument in an article

How different figures of speech can function in an argument or narrative: alliteration, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor, personification, and imagery
Background information on Ellis Island, and/or immigration, depending on visual texts chosen
How to write a different type of Response to
Literature…one modeled after the English Proficiency
Test (EPT), rather than focusing on characterization or traits. 2. Make connections to themselves, other texts, and the outside world (text/self/world)
3. Use and reference words of others
4. Create and express ideas about their own identity
4. Analyze visual texts to “see into the lives” of immigrants 5. Create their own Response to Literature, including a…...

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...How does the setting of Of Mice and Men influence the book's thematic development? In answering, consider the connection between the novel's setting and the characters' vocations. Also, how does Steinbeck signal the importance of setting in his choice of place names? Though the novel is more famous for its characters than its setting, Of Mice and Men could not have been set elsewhere than in the rural Salinas valley of California. The problems of the novel are intimately tied to the rhythms and frustrations of the itinerant worker's life. Shifting from ranch to ranch, from one menial job to another, the Californian itinerant worker risked a life of meaningless labor - of pure, cynical sustenance. George and Lennie, with their dream of acquiring a farm, represent an attempt to stand against such perpetual loneliness. Even the name of the city near which the novel is set - Soledad, which is Spanish for "solitude" - resonates with this theme of loneliness. The title, Of Mice and Men, is an allusion to a Robert Burns poem. How is this allusion meaningful in the novel? Consider some similarities and differences between Burns and Steinbeck's works. Robert Burns' poem, "To a Mouse," is the source of the famous quotation: "The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men / Gang aft agley" ("often go awry"). And, indeed, Of Mice and Men features two men with a scheme - to escape their lives of menial, temporary employment - that goes awry. Beyond this simple plot similarity,...

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...Year group: Title Extended Reading Language Unit 3 A Of Mice and Men 10 Unit description Candidates must make reference to the whole text. Tier ( Higher) Candidates must produce work totalling about 1200 words in a period of up to four hours CA task: Explore the ways sympathy and dislike of ‘Curley’s Wife’ is created in ‘Of Mice and Men.’ CA = Week starting 20 October 2014 (All 4 lessons this week) (Possibility of starting one lesson early at the end of week 6). Level or Grade A*-C Differentiate appropriately for the group that you teach and for individuals within that group th Length 7 weeks (To include CA) Learning objectives AO3 (See mark scheme for band descriptors)     Interpretations of texts/understanding significant meanings of the text Engagement with writer’s ideas and attitudes Interpretation of ideas supported with evidence Understanding of features of language and structure Learning outcomes      Close analysis of text extracts leading to development of reading skills Consideration of context and writer’s intentions/themes and ideas Speaking and Listening to show understanding of issues and empathy with character Writing a draft essay and set targets for the assessment Produce an analytical essay for CA (New Acronym = SMILE (Structure, Meanings, Ideas, Language, Evidence) Prior knowledge (Enter pre-requisite knowledge and skills.) Analytical essay – Year 9 KS3 reading skills National Framework for Secondary English Strands National Framework for...

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