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Of Those Who Lived and Died

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Of those who lived and died
She sat there watching the men walk around. No one seemed to notice her. She was used to people walking over her. But this was not a time for someone not to notice her. She grew angry, shifting in her seat banging on the table in front of her. She would not be ignored. The sky grew black and miserable since she had been sitting in that wooden seat. Her name was Mollie. She lived on the corner of town. The mysterious girl had bright almost clear blue eyes and hair that would sweep off her shoulders like the swirls at the beach. This was the third time she would claim that she saw it. She sat in the police department for she had just witnessed a crime. Mollie was a girl of just 19. She felt it in her head again. Mollie knew what was coming next. It was a flash of light. A man. A woman. She didn’t understand. But she had seen it all before. There was always something about Mollie. She saw things, heard things and felt things that people would never understand. That’s why he found her interesting. Oscar had always found her interesting.

Oscar was a man of just 22. He had been stationed in the city of Franklin to work as a detective at his young age. This was his first week and he had heard the stories she told. No one could deny them false but no one could find the truth either. Mollie always told the police she had seen it happen in a dream but they never believed her. Oscar found her attractive. She was curious and different and that’s what grabbed him in the start. He wanted the key to her mind.
“She’s back, is she? Yelled the sheriff.
“It’s okay, I’ll deal with her” smiled Oscar.
As he walked over to the girl in blue, he felt overcome by her eyes. She looked nervous and scared. All Oscar wanted to do was go home to bed, but he needed to understand her mind.
“Hello, I’m Detective Oscar Scott, I’m here to ask about the three…...

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