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Vardhman Spinning & General Mills, Ludhiana
An Industrial Internship project

SUBMITTED TOH.B.T.I Kanpur SUBMITTED BYVartika Pandey 131/10 F B.Tech Computer Science & Engg.

Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh.


This is to certify that the thesis/dissertation entitled, “To Study various methods for making Vardhman- Hand Knitting Yarn -a more active brand in the off –season months” submitted is a bona fide internship project work carried out by Vartika Pandey (2010-2014) under my supervision and that no part of this report has been copied or submitted anywhere. The assistance and help received during the course of study have been fully acknowledged.

Mr. Pawan Sharma Ludhiana Yarn Sales Branch Manager


I, Vartika Pandey, wish to express my acknowledgement: To Mr. Pawan Sharma (Industry Mentor) & Ms. Tanvi Makker for being more than my advisor, for their inspiring guidance and constructive criticism, for helping me not to give in during the struggling time of the study. Also I want to express my gratitude to my family who has been the pillars of support to me throughout this internship and has helped me in every possible way .

Vartika Pandey


This report examines the techniques suggested for the hand knitting yarn branch of Vardhman ,for making it a much more dynamic brand in the off-season months .But this concept of seasonal revival is not limited to yarn marketing rather is branched in all sections of product and service provision . It’s inevitable as these seasonal changes can affect a spectrum of businesses. Seasons change from spring to summer, from fall to winter. Regardless of the nature of the business, whether we sell products or deliver services, the changing patterns may have a significant impact on our short- and long-term business success. Vardhman Hand Kniting Yarn too has a prime market in the winters (focussed between October to March) whereas there may be a slighter dip in sales and marketing in the summer months attributed to the climatic conditions. While seasonal businesses like ours may have the understandable tendency to reduce expenses in the off-season, marketing year round will help attract new customers and improve our revenue potential. The key here is consistent execution. Targeting our ideal customers year round is a crucial step to winning new customers and staying ahead of your competition long-term.

Understanding the Concept of the SEASONAL MARKETING

Seasonal marketing refers to the concept when high sales and considerable profits are concentrated in a particular part of the year rather than being fairly even through the year. A particular pattern in a time series that repeats in a regular way —For example:-*In case of Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn, the winter months are considered to be the prime season for sales and profits whereas the customer traffic dips a bit down in the summer months. *For Hotel Management too, the best sales occur in the holiday season or else in case of a particular occasion .Comparing the summer holiday sales with the rest of the year highlights the fact that the hotel business too falls victim to the concept of Seasonal Business. Characteristics of a time series in which the product or service experiences which repeat or recur every calendar year is referred to as the prime season for that particular brand. These probable effects constitute Seasonal Marketing .Also noting that these effects are different from Cynical effects as seasonal cycles are contained within one calendar year, while cynical cycles can have time periods shorter or longer than an year . Businesses familiar with the feast-or- famine aspect of marketing season can find company in businesses whose livelihoods depend on special times of year, whether it’s the winter holiday Diwali gift-giving season, spring’s Holi or new year celebrations. Local businesses that bank on seasonal bursts of activity for their year-round income should find creative solutions to maintain momentum—even when the cash register isn’t ringing. But we can’t let the seasonal slumps get us down, instead of sitting around and waiting for our season to start again, we can use this valuable time for marketing and shaping up our strategies in a better manner. All kinds of businesses experience seasonal ups and downs. Realtors don’t sell many homes during the holiday season because people are focused on shopping and travelling to visit relatives. The months leading up to April 15 are busy times for CPAs as they prepare tax returns for timely filing. Similarly months leading to Dusshera – Diwali seasons are often crowded with people shopping unlimited hence overwhelming their best brands and act as peak for many clothing and food stores.

Sales forecasts and reports adjust to account for seasonal variation, and the companies often change the amount of inventory they carry to ensure that they are able to meet demand at the lowest cost. Organizations facing seasonal variations, like the motor vehicle industry, are often interested in knowing their performance relative to the normal seasonal variation. The same applies to the ministry of HR headed presently by Mr. Kapil Sibal which expects unemployment to increase in June as recent graduates are just arriving into the job market and schools have also been given a vacation for the summer. That unemployment increased as predicted is a moot point; the relevant factor is whether the increase is more or less than expected. Understanding the seasonality of the business and strategically planning our inbound marketing according to the peaks achieved can make a significant impact on our results both in off or on seasons. The ebb and flow of seasonality can be cause for much angst among many managers . However, having a distribution strategy in place to combat shoulder seasons while capitalizing on peak periods can help maintain healthy levels of demand among various classes of customers. Because seasonality is variable, often fluctuating based on various events, group or transient bookings, hence brand managers should know that the biggest thing is not keeping up but understanding the trends, also past data and experience plays a very significant role in this context. Hence the concept of Seasonal marketing is no longer restrained to Seasonal Products rather has spread out to larger domain of services and products demanded by customers , that’s why most of the companies are adopting strategies to moderate their profits and regulate their margins throughout the year. So brands often undertake strategic programs to promote products to encourage trials and build a stronger association with consumers to achieve a more evenly distributed and consistent performance throughout the year.

Myth about Seasonal Marketing:Now it often happens that many companies try to build up strategies to equate their seasonal and non-seasonal demands, and end up setting targets or goals which are too unrealistic to achieve .They fail to understand that the key is not in equating profits but to utilize this time in the best possible manner. The off season time should be used in preparing Research and Development techniques, managing surplus revenues and critically analyzing customer reviews. In the peak seasons the firm is so occupied with the high demand of consumers that they end up overlooking these aspects, but these properties if scrutinized properly can help frame a

highly effective advertising strategy for the company. So instead of blindly following the cooked up strategies we must aim at maximize employment of the available resources.

An Introduction to Vardhman

Vardhman Group is a leading textile conglomerate in India having a turnover of $700 mn. Spanning over 24 manufacturing facilities in five states across India, the Group business portfolio includes Yarn, Greige and Processed Fabric, Sewing Thread, Acrylic Fibre and Alloy Steel. Vardhman Group manufacturing facilities include over 9,27,430 spindles, 55.5 tons per day yarn and fibre dyeing, 900 shuttleless looms, 90 mn meters per annum processed fabric, 33 tons per day sewing thread, 20000 metric tons per annum acrylic fibre and 100,000 tons per annum special and alloy steel. Vardhman has evolved through history from a small beginning in 1965 into a modern textile major under the dynamic leadership of its chairman, S.P.Oswal. His vision and insight has given Vardhman an enviable position in the textile industry. Under his leadership, Vardhman is efficiently using resources to innovate, diversify, integrate and build its diverse operations into a dynamic modern enterprise. Vardhman aims to be world class textile organization producing diverse range of products for the global textile market. Vardhman seeks to achieve customer delight through excellence in

manufacturing and customer service based on creative combination of state-of-the-art technology and human resources. Vardhman ventured in to the global market in 1986 with an export value of one core to reach exports of $282 mn in FY 2010-11. Little wonder then, that Vardhman, today, exports 35% of its yarn production to more than 25 countries and has a strong presence in markets like the EEC, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Mauritius, Middle East. Vardhman has a share of more than 6% in total Yarn exports from India. Similarly, vardhman also exports about 35% of its total fabric production. Its trusted, tested and reliable workforce, coupled with the latest technology, quality consciousness, customer oriented services and strong logistics has given Vardhman an edge over its competitors and in the world’s most quality conscious and price sensitive markets. Thereby making Vardhman a truly international organisation in terms of both sourcing from and catering to the world market.

Yarns:Yarn Manufacturing is the major activity of the group accounting for 52.55 percent of the group turnover. Vardhman is virtually a supermarket of yarns, producing the widest range of cotton, synthetics and blended, Grey and Dyed yarns and Hand Knitting Yarns, in which Vardhman is the market leader in India. The group has twenty two production plants with a total capacity of over 9.3 lacs spindles, spread all over the country. In many of the yarn market segments, Vardhman holds the largest market share. Vardhman is also the largest exporters of yarn from India, exporting yarns worth more than USD 282 million.

Vardhman Case Study
In this Case Study, our sole intention concentrates on the Hand Knitting Yarn branch of Vardhaman and we will study the subject with respect to same.

Studying the problem from Vardhman’s point of view
Vardhman holds a very strong position in the yarn market henceforth has build a very strong customer base. The company is known for its credible and strong brand image and holds a dominating position in the hand knitting market .Despite having multiple competitors , Vardhman has continued to employ a large range of creativity in both advertising and marketing techniques to constantly innovate help build a strong benchmark . Frequency by which Vardhman’s knitting yarn is purchased by it’s custome rs




Table 1 : Frequency by which Vardhman’s knitting yarn is purchased by ladies

Graph 1 : Frequency by which Vardhman’s knitting yarn is purchased by ladies

From the above figure we can say that most of the female purchase Vardhman’s knitting yarn seasonally i.e. in winters. Some of them buy off- seasonal i.e anytime in the year when they are free and some of the ladies prefer to buy hand knitting yarn throughout the year. A very few ladies buy Vardhman’s hand knitting yarn rarely. Hence it can be easily seen that despite the fact that Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn is a very powerful brand even then it faces the problem of fluctuation in sales due to the seasonal variations, so we can look forward to adopting such measures and suggestions which will help us establish the image of VHKY as a dynamic and year long brand in a better manner .

Suggested Strategies For Off- Season Brand Enhancement

1. Gathering Customer Reviews & Responses During entire year, particularly as our season comes to an end we can ask our customers to review our products or services. By gathering customer stories and testimonials when they’re still fresh, we'll have reviews that are more detailed and personal that'll resonate with off-season readers. We can use these stories in our off- season marketing and promotions. The more raw and interesting content we can get from your customers, the better our off- season marketing campaigns will be.  Implementation Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn outlets circulate the designer booklets to customers to imbibe their interest in the product, this method has a very widespread reach among the masses .It is also favoured due to it’s clear and simplistic approach .So these booklets can include a page where customer can write their reviews about the brand , fill responses to questionnaire and share personal experience and stories in relation to usage of our product . We may also announce some incentives for the best stories and experiences .  For example : Nestle India has launched the ‘Me and meri Maggi’ campaign , where it is urging consumers to share interesting experiences of theirs that involved Maggi giving both reason and application .  Hamdard has launched an activation campaign titled ‘My Rooh Afza story’ for its beverage brand Rooh Afza. The entry phase invites people to send in their stories comprising special moments spent with the brand. In the second phase, the brand will announce winners and showcase their stories. The multimedia campaign will straddle print, outdoor, radio and digital.

2. Differentiate Ourselves within a Super-Niche Market In order to keep things steady during our slower months, we can consider focusing on a niche market with which our products or services could be a huge benefit. It helps us gain leverage or an extra advantage by making this niche or group our loyal customers in the regional areas attributed to their climatic conditions.  Implementation We can market the yarn and woollen products specifically targeting those areas where the temperature favours our merchandise .These areas can well be in extreme northern India, specifically the eastern states (which are also known as Seven Sisters of East). They include states like: Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya etc . We can direct larger amount of sales to our neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan which remain relatively cold throughout the year and hence can act as a probably healthy market for us even in the off-seasons. For example  Svocan Handicrafts manufactures wooden & metal based items in Yamunagar, Haryana & sell its product in summer seasons to all tourists places. But in off season it exports its products to nearby countries.

 Bajaj Auto sells its two wheelers in domestic markets but due to stiff competition from Hero Motar Corp & Seasonal sales fluctuations, it is now relying on its export sales.

3. Offer Sales and Discounts to Locals during Slow Times We can lure customers back during the off-season with incentives that provide attractive discounts while still allowing us to turn a profit. When customers visit during our peak season give customers a Gift-Coupon or a Buy-One-Get-One-Free vouche r that they can redeem only during our slow period in the off-season months. By offering discounts to people, we can still bring in some business after the crowds disperse -- and maintain a good relationship with the folks that are there to support us throughout the entire year. Focusing on our loyal community during our off-season is vital; if our loyal customers embrace and support our business, our slow months are sure to be less of a struggle. Festival Based Offe rs can also help in boost up the slowing sales and demand.  Implementation This methodology can be adopted near exclusive occasions to boost up the slowing sales and demand. It may include framing genuine offers near Diwali or Lohri offering discounts on various qualities of Yarn and other products .This will not only keep the brand livelier, but the sales will automatically improve due to the festive shopping fervour.  For example:

 FMCG companies such as Cadbury, Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Procte r & Gamble and Heinz launch discounts and offers ranging anywhere between 10% and 70% on high-value items in a two weeks sale often kept near season endings , as they try to push premium products amid slowing demand.

4. Tapping Peak Season Revenues for the entire year We can use past years’ activities to project our cash needs during slow business periods. Set aside a pre-determined percentage of earnings during busy seasons (based on the earnings history of past years) to create that cushion instead of spending everything as soon as it comes in. Making seasonal profits that last a whole year takes careful budgeting and planning for the general seasonal brands hence keep track of the expenses from year to year and look ahead for ways to trim or reduce them down during the slower months. When cash flow is high, we can save substantially via setting spending limits for each quarter or semi-quarter.  Implementation Vardhman can give special discounts, schemes or offers in off season on its Hand Knitting Yarn. For example:Pioneers of the Hotel Business and Travel agencies offer manage their surplus revenue as the customer flow is extremely high during the holiday seasons. The trick is during demand or high season, they yield price and fine-tune promotions and maximize revenue on all channels. Hence they have abundant capital to cultivate for the rest of the year to invest and plan with a greater magnitude. The best hotel chains demonstrating this strategy are:-

6. Collaborate with othe r local businesses and organisations Aiming to work with local economic organizations to develop regional incentives may succeed in luring the customers back during “off” seasons. It may boost sales during our slow period by working in conjunction with another seasonal business that’s comparatively busy when ours isn’t. Businesses can improve their social and environmental performance and find new market opportunities through partnerships with NGOs. The knowledge, expertise and capabilities of NGOs and corporations are distinct and may be complementary; together, NGOs and companies can often accomplish more than they could alone.  Implementation We can also align ourselves with the local welfare associations and NGO’s that spread a good word about our product in the off-time. For example:-

 Guidestar India is responsible for various NGO associations, Where companies and These organizations enter into an alliance of mutual benefit including charitable gestures as distributing woolen toys and clothing among the needy.  Alliance of Mother Dairy with local schools in New Delhi to encourage the sale of Ice cream and other Ice based products in peak winters .These programs involve innovative measures like promoting lesser chilled items like mother dairy ice cream cookies and biscuits , hence helping in keeping the brand active by creating interest in the duller times .

7. Focus on Betterment of customer service To keep our customer base strong year round, customer service have to be excellent. Going above and beyond the call of duty to deliver on last minute demands can win over a shopper’s loyalty for life, because they have evidence that they can count on us. We can focus some resources on having extra phone and chat operators on standby to deal with any inquiries or complaints. Companies with outstanding customer service are more eager to talk about their continuing efforts than to accept praise for a job well done.  Implementation Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn can too benefit by improving the customer and dealer relational base by providing greater number of employees for query submission ,and concentrating on the proble m solving in the earliest manner , so that our customers and dealer remain content and loyal to our company throughout the year .The employees should deal with the other end in the most polite and patient manner addressing in the language that suits them and leaving no stone unturned for keeping them satisfied .

For example:- With its first-class service and proper care for every single customer, this private bank has been following the up curve in customers' count. The ICICI bank is known for providing speedy service and good friendly staff. It has more than 1400 branches and 4600 ATMs.  Maruti Suzuki is a brand known for excellent pre and post delivery services for its Customers.

8. Contentrating on the Rural Areas:Rural Market is the next biggest market as 60% of our country’s population reside in rural areas. Therefore tapping this market will a big opportunity for any company. Hence it’s very important to incorporate strategies which focus on the rural base primarily that keep the brand image consistent and alive throughout the year. These strategies differ from those of urban market as the rural market is more price sensitive but has its own preference quality.  Implementation Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn has its largest customer base in the villages, hence its very important to incorporate strategies which focus on the rural base primarily. Following strategies can be incorporated by Vardhman. a) Wall Paintings:-

We can paint the slogans and images related to our brand next to the most crowded or occupied places in the villages so that it’s in constant sight of the customers. As the major consumers of our product are ladies so these paintings can be planned next to water facilities or gathering compounds. By remaining constantly visible to our customers, they will be reminded on a regular basis about our brand, its quality hence forming a strong impact on the consumer’s mind. For Example:Coca-Cola , Alpenliebe etc .

b) Mobile Vans This technique can be implemented in urban areas also but has more effect in the rural areas as the audience is more receptive in rural area s .These mobile vans are used to announce about latest ads and schemes in relation with the brand. For example Nokia started the service of providing Mobile Vans services to the rural areas giving information about the latest services, new offers and discount schemes.  Mazaa sold its pocket size tera packing juice through its mobile vans.

b) Volunteer Programs :In order to involve the village women in a better manner we can initiate volunteer programs which will employ them so that they can help us expand our customer base using their perspective .This snow-ball effect will eventually lead to building up of a strong and loyal community that will monitor our rural market through all the seasons. For Example: When Amway was new to India, it used its various categories of volunteer programs to establish a stronghold among customers.  HUL sold its product in rural marketing by educating rural woman to raise their living standard, improve their financial & social status by selling HUL products to other women which was called as Shakti project.

9. Cause Based Activities and Competitions:In the slowest seasons where its very difficult to boost sales, then instead of the oldschool marketing techniques we can start associating with some seasonal activities, by sponsoring them or by contributing for them, so that we are advertised in an indirect and far reaching manner.  Implementation Organising theme based Nukkad Natak or Rallies, sponsoring the causes will keep us in the customer’s eyes without even mentioning about yarn in summers. These rallies can use our banners, danglers or hoardings hence promoting our product along with serving for the noble cause. For example: This strategy was also adopted by Indian Railways as an unconventional way to improve on its existing image.

 India Trade Fair organises nukkad natak to aware the consumers.

10. Exhibitions in on and off season months If you want face to face interaction about any aspect of your business with your key audience, whether they may be customers, agents, reseller, retailers or even trade peers, an exhibition is probably the best way to go. Usually, an exhibition is the best place to launch or revive a product or service and get feedback on the activity from the key stakeholders. An exhibition's immediacy also makes it the perfect platform to draw industry and audience attention toward your product or service in a short time. Compare that with, say, a market research activity which takes months to plan and execute and gives you results after a long time span. Attendees at exhibitions tend to have a definite agenda in mind. They attend exhibitions with the intention of buying, booking or at the least seeking information in order to make a purchase in the near future. In fact, research shows that 54% of visitors to exhibitions specifically come to see new products and services; 48% come for information; 40% to keep up to date with technology; and 15% to make business contacts.

 Implementation We can organise exhibitions and public display for the yarn products .These displayed patterns can be a part of sample knitting contest for our customers, they can be provided with all the details in our Designer Booklets .We can ask the customers to come forward with their handmade masterpieces which will be constituting the exhibition .There can be luring incentives offered like prize for the best sample etc .Hence this entire activity will promote the usage of our brand immensely.

For example: Bridal Fashion exhibitions organised by renowned jewellery & dress designers.  India Art Fair exhibition sponsored by Yes Bank.

11. Remain Socially Active All throughout the year The ever-expanding world of social media has become an entrenched one for many segments of the population, and any business – seasonal or otherwise – would do well to tap into it. Social media marketing will give us the ability to interface with past and potential customers in a dynamic, multifaceted medium. A regularly updated newsletter or blog sustains customer interest and can draw in new business by following search engine optimization, or SEO, strategies. Again, we can incorporate material from our peak season including testimonials from satisfied customers as enticement but also pursue calendar-specific connections .We could write about our off-season activities to promote a familiar engagement with the clientele. All the leading brands and retails have their active websites which provide information about the products, machinery used in manufacturing, e mployees and important contacts. A website adds to the authenticity of the overall brand.

 Implementation We could easily share the launch of a new product online giving all its main features or special events, representative activities, and the like.

For example: Apple is active on social media marketing networks such as Website, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.

12. Designing an Innovative Ad Campaign
Today we can experience advertising in all sorts of ways; radio, television, web, etc. However, with all this new media around people still are getting creative with general advertising.

 Implementation We should design new set of ad campaigns on a yearly basis so that we can renovate on our shortcomings and improve in an overall manner .We must try to reach a younger audience in order to expand our customer base, hence keeping all this in mind for a product like yarn, products apart from the boring sweaters must be focussed upon. So inclusion of these in our ad-campaigns can prove to be extremely beneficial as it will break the convention of yarn just being used for making sweaters.

For example: Luftal Gas Relief Drops used aired balloons with object inside in restaurants, when balloons were popped, the medicine appeared, thus suggesting that it give relief from gas problem.

 Craft & Handlooms such as Fancy key-rings, beautiful wall hangings, table covers, mats, crockery covers etc. These products are not entirely season specific hence can be used to hike sales even in the warmer months.


Seasonal businesses like Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn need to squirrel away funds during high times, and have flexible marketing strategies that allow them to generate revenue in the off-season. They also need to perfect customer service so shoppers don’t forget about them over the year hence guaranteeing a persistent growth and better profits all throughout the year. So, the seasonal business of Hand Knitting Yarn may devoid us of the luxury in downtime during the off-season, and also the lull could have consequences such as reduced profits, wasted resources or employee turnover. Hence to overcome these difficulties we can aim to stabilize our bottom line with a proper and well organized business plan that keeps sales steady throughout the year. New marketing strategies, partnerships and product offerings can help us reduce downtime, boost overall margins and probably expand the profit season.

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...Marketing Analysis: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Subject: 2012 Electif 136 : Marketing du luxe Lecturer: RIOUX Christophe Made by Erasmus student: Valeria Grinevich 2013 Content Introduction 2 History of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts chain 3 Marketing Strategy Analysis 4 SWOT analysis 7 Target segments 7 Marketing Mix (4Ps) 8 Bibliography 11 Introduction For my luxury brand marketing analysis I choosed the Four Season Hotels chain, as on my mind it is one of the most successful and well-known hotel chain, providing 5 star service all around the world. Every hotel – is a masterpiece. You won’t find two similar hotels, as all of them are unique, built in different styles, based on the part of the world, where the hotel placed. But at the same time they all combined by unrepeatable spirit of elegance and chic. “Treat others as you would like to be treated” this is the golden rule and the basis for the success and recognized service quality of the Four Seasons hotel chain. The company offers luxury accommodation and beautiful high-professioned SPA complexes, as well as catering services for different types of the events, from wedding to corporate meetings. FHS also provides leisure activities, including golfing, skiing, tennis, fishing, cooking schools, fitness facilities, family travel, dining, sailing, scuba diving, and other types water sports. Four Seasons has......

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Holiday Season

...Once again we find ourselves enmeshed in the Holiday season, that very special time of year when we join with our loved ones in sharing centuries-old traditions such as trying to find a parking space at the mall. We traditionally do this in my family by driving around the parking lot until we see a shopper emerge from the mall, then we follow her, until she led them to a parking spot. We try to keep our bumper about four inches for the shopper’s calves, to let the other circling cars know that she belongs to us. Sometimes two cars will get into a fight over whom the shopper belongs to, similar to the way white sharks will fight who gets to eat a snorkeler. So we follow our shoppers. Closely, hunched over the steering wheel, whispering “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” though our teeth, until we arrive at her car, which is usually parked several times zones away from the mall. Sometimes our shopper tries to indicate that she was merely planning to drop off some packages and go back to shopping, but when she hears our engine rev in a festive fashion and see the holiday gleam in our eyes, she realizes she would never make it. And so we parked and clamber joyously out of our car through the windows, which is necessary. I do not mean to suggest that the true meaning of the holiday season is finding a parking spot. No, the true meaning of the holiday season is finding a sales clerk. The way to do this is looking around the store for one of hose unmarked......

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Season on the Brink

...would do next. In chapter one it starts off as a normal day at Indiana University, rainy and cold. Knight didn’t want to go through another season like he did before and he was going to do whatever it takes to make sure that it would never happen again. He just got done coaching maybe the best Olympic team in history to a losing season with IU. This chapter pretty much talks about what Knight was going to do to prevent the season from going under to the interdiction of the players and how Knights practices were. This chapter like its title describes Knights ever so close ballet with the brink of going under again. Chapter two is about his coming to coach the Olympic team to the end of that and the reactions Knight got through his outburst as a coach. From just screaming at officials and players, to tossing a chair in the middle of a game that nearly cost him his career this chapter is mainly about the rise and fall of Knight before the season to come. Chapter three starts off right before the off season is about to start with the team practicing to fix what happened the year before and although Knight would never admit it that season changed him for the rest of his career. Also in this chapter the team goes on a trip to play exhibition games overseas. Chapter four starts off on October 15 and this is the most important day for college basketball because now the coaches can be on the floor and coach and prepare their teams formally for the season to come. This chapter is......

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Doe Season

...Essay #2 RD Doe season An initiation or rite of passage is something that happens to an individual that changes them mentally, physically, or both. In reading Doe Season you find out about a young girl that is 9 years old that has something happen to her that brings about a rite of passage. The author, David Kaplan, bases the story around a young girl (Andy short for Andrea) who is going hunting for deer with her father, father friend (Charlie), and fathers’ friends’ son (Mac). Going to the woods where they are going hunting for deer, Mac takes jabs at Andy about how small she is and how she cannot shoot because she is a girl. Her father sticks up for her and says that she can shoot and that she even has something about her that attracts animals to her so that is good for them. Fast forward towards the end of the story, Andy hears a deer and is given the opportunity to shoot it. Andy then has an internal conflict about whether or not to shoot the deer but does so anyway because of the pressure being out on her and that is where the rite of passage begins. The deer is shot square in the chest by Andy but does not die and runs off immediately and that is where Andy’s’ guilt and regret set in. Later at the campsite she see’s the deer she shot while everyone is sleeping and proceeds to walk up to the deer and touch it where she had shot it in the chest and she feels even worse. Andy doest tell anyone about seeing the deer and just goes back to bed. Later in the...

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Fours Seasons Trends Report

...THE LUXURY CONSUMER IN THE NEW DIGITAL WORLD: THEN & NOW 201 Four Seasons Luxury T 2 rend Report Luxury Trend Report | 1 The global luxury landscape and the luxury customer have evolved dramatically over the last tumultuous and transformative three years. The advent of unprecedented new technological innovations, coupled with the increased skepticism left over from the global financial crisis, mean that today’s consumers are demanding honest, accurate, timely and engaging information. They are looking for intrinsic value and a deeper relationship with the brands with whom they choose to support and interact. According to The Affluence Collaborative1, a research powerhouse that dives deep into the habits of high-income consumers, the affluent2 seek out companies and brands that can simplify and improve their lives. In the travel sector, this translates into increased expectations around personalization cutting across all touch points – including digital media platforms – as luxury travellers research, purchase, engage in and reflect upon their travel experiences. The Luxury Traveller Technology Survey3, commissioned by Four Seasons, coupled with leading luxury market research and brand insight, sets out to uncover how consumers want technology to blend seamlessly into their experience, and how those preferences have changed in recent years. strong performance in China and Latin America, are driving growth in the sector. All combined, the global luxury market is......

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A Lost Season

...Kenneth Jones Intro to Writing 102 Narrative 22 Feb 15 A Season that was Lost The Eagles are down one with eighteen seconds left on the clock until they move on or the season is lost. They advanced the ball by using a timeout. The eagles run to the huddle and them all standup. They can only hear one voice and that’s coach coop saying relax, take a deep breath, stay calm and don’t panic. He decided the play he was going to call was eagles six. We are going to run eagle six, also win are going to win the game!! The first horn sound, the referee comes to the bench and says that the first horn. Now the second horn sounds and the team breaks the huddle. The referee blows his whistle, loud due to the packed gym and the crowd had the building shaking. The ball is on the side of the court. The gym was hot! All you could hear was the balls boucing on the hardwood floors, the first shot goes up all net swoosh. Now the real fun begins. Ten minutes into shooting drills you hear a loud whistle and a buzzer sound in the gym. Coach Cooper or (Coop) as he refers to his self, yells on the line. Tot the base line. The team is thinking we are going to run. With a huge smile on coops face start running, we are like for how long for? He simply replayed until he was tired. The team responds with laughter to the statement Luke says cannot be like this. The team start saying let’s go, get it done. The team starts running while the clock is just counting up on the...

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...typically expose parallel processing to the programmer in complex manners, while mainframes typically use it to run multiple tasks. One result of this difference is that adding processors to a mainframe often speeds up the entire workload transparently, with important exceptions of single batch jobs and CICS regions that don't run faster. • Supercomputers are often built to run complex algorithm in wide application area such as in industry, academic, research, government or military (e.g., nuclear simulation and modeling, life science, medicine, telecommunication, weather forecasting), while mainframes run simple algorithm to handle variety of tasks (e.g. database query, warehousing, inventory, operating system). Supercomputer uses both off-design technology (e.g.: microprocessor based cluster computer) or advanced technology (e.g., vector processing, NUMA, liquid-cooling); whereas mainframes typically form part of a manufacturer's standard model lineup. • Mainframes tend to have numerous ancillary service processors assisting their main central processors (for cryptographic support, I/O handling, monitoring, memory handling, etc.) so that the actual "processor count" is much higher than would otherwise be obvious. Supercomputer design tends not to include as many service processors since they don't appreciably add to raw number-crunching power. • Mainframes are exceptionally adept at batch processing, such as billing, owing to their heritage, decades of increasing......

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Four Seasons Goes to Paris

...' Academy ol Management Executive, 2002, Vol. 16, No. 4 Four Seasons goes to Paris floger HalloweU, David Bowen, and Carin-Isabel Knoop Europe is different from North America, and Paris is very different. I did not say difficult. I said diffeient. —A senior Four Seasons manager Executive Summary Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts opened its first French property in 1999. This article presents that opening as a case study to illustrate a perspective on how a company with a strong and highly successful organizational culture might approach a new national culture when that cuhure is both distinct and intense, as is the case in France. Managers can henefit from the case by understanding this approach to organizational and national culture, which the authors believe represents a useful framework for global management. The article begins with a discussion of the linkage between corporate cuifure and competitive advantage for service organizafions. It then describes the corporate support structure and the philosophy that Four Seasons developed over two decades to support its international expansion and to manage the type of challenges its French property posed. Finally, it describes how the firm went about transforming that property into one of its crown jewels. The Linkage Between Service Culture and Competitive Advantage The enduring success of service organizations such as Southwest Airlines, The Walt Disney Company, Wal-Mart, and USAA (among others) is......

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Take-Off of Online Marketing: Casting the Next Generation Strategies

...~ customer service and training ~ crime and security ( to protect guests as well as staff ) ~ marketing ( brand awareness) ~ only five star hotel on the island ( meeting the expectation) ~ location ( larger with more room for activities to outcompete other hotels but it lacks a beach front, is windy and has lots of mosquitoes) ~ customer service and satisfaction ~ Convenient transportation - talk about the airlift ~ pricing strategy - premium prices , must be conscious of global economic conditions. Price to be competitive in the Caribbean ~ Social environment change it to seasonality - find out how to fill your hotel in the peek/ lie seasons ~ Regaining good reputation for the nee hotel - talk about growing your brand and brand strength ~ recession / Economic downturn of the global economy ~ Maintenance issues- sea blast etc. ~ Lack of skilled employees - staff being able to speak different languages etc 5) VALUE CHAIN- ~Do not include outbound logistics ~Include your restaurant in your value chain ~We don't need R&D in the value chain ~Use IT infrastructure instead of technology ~Include customer service ~Instead of firm infrastructure put general administration ~Include security in your value chain ~Inbound logistics include storing of your materials ~ Under operations instead of ushers use bell boys ~ Include your spa ~ redo our marketing and sales- it should include online booking for reservations, updated info about rooms etc ~......

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