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Name: Joan Ashley V. Dogillo
Course: BSE-Comp.Ed

Narrative Report

I was assigned in Gen. Pio Del Pilar National High school. Our first deployment and my first visit to that school starts in January 3, 2012. I was so excited to go that school. When we arrived there around 1 o’clock but the principal Mr. Samuel Bulan was in the meeting so we waited there until the meeting finished. Then after the meeting Mr. Bulan welcomed us in his office warmly. We introduced ourselves, what is our major or specialization and where do we currently live. Then after that, Mr. Bulan introduced us to the department head of each major. But in our luck the department head of computer leave the school early and Mr. Bulan rescheduled us to meet Ms. Elizabeth Buenconsejo in the next day. We came to the school early and wait for Ms. Buenconsejo, while waiting Mr. Bulan introduced us to the TLE faculty. There are only 2 teachers in computer and one of them is Ms. Buenconsejo and the other one is Mr. Maguigad. One of the teachers in the TLE faculty gave us to Mr. Maguigad to give us a schedule. He was very excited to give us his schedule. At first it was very confusing because we will only teach once a week for 4 hours in a section. But when we meet Ms. Buenconsejo, everything was changed. We will teach twice a week computer and business tech. I am assigned to teach computer in Monday in 2nd year and business tech in Tuesday also in 2nd year. January 9, 2012 Monday, that day I already meet my students and I’m shocked, very very shocked of their attitudes very different attitude. Only one thing run to my mind. This is the real challenge that we will face in 3 months. How we will get their attention, how can we show them that we were superior when they are older than me? What intervention should we do in able to teach them well? That is the question that runs to my mind at first. Now...

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