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Office Art Memo
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HUM 112 World Cultures II

Office Art Memo MEMORANDUM TO: Mr. John Blackman, CEO FROM: Steven Johnson, Art Director DATE: Date SUBJECT: COORPATE HEADQUARTERS OFFICE ART

I have discovered six spectacular pieces of art for the corporate headquarters offices; three of the selections are from the impressionist period, and three are from the post-impressionist period. The three impressionist paintings I have chosen are Monet Family in Garden by Edouard Manet, Garden at Giverny by Claude Monet and Dune Landscape off a Steep Coast by Edgar Degas (Sayre, 2012). The three post-impressionist pieces I have chosen are Bend in the Forest Road by Paul Cézanne and Anglers and Forest at Pont Aubert by George Seurat (Sayre, 2012). This memorandum contains information about the art selections that I have chosen for the office and where I would like to place each piece of art based on my interpretation of the meaning as it pertains to our corporation. I have added a brief description of each painting.
The first impressionist painting is Monet Family in Garden by Edouard Manet. In the left side of the painting, Claude Monet is gardening with a chicken and duck. Sitting under a tree in the center of the piece is Claude Monet’s wife, with their daughter lying next to her. Trees and shrubs form the outline of the garden along the sides and in the background. This piece of art has historical significance as it is one of Manet’s paintings in a new style, focusing on light and color all while capturing the moment, called impressionism (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2014). Since our company is a family oriented business, I would like to place this piece in the reception area of the corporate headquarters to make this statement.
The Garden at Giverny by Claude Monet includes bright color patches of purple,...

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