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DePaul University Reaction Paper 3
Professor Hunt-Ahmed Done by: Manar Al-Qari
Starting an RF Bank in the United States
This one of the best articles I’ve ever read. It is quoted from The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance Book and shows us the hard and lengthy efforts that the author went into to start a Riba-Free bank in the United States which is a banking sector targeting people from all faith and not only Muslims. The author focus was not just to convey the Shariah’s letter but also to satisfy anyone who believes in Judeo-Christian-Islamic values. I agree with the author that Riba Free Banking system is fair since it is an ethical system that complies with Shariah as mentioned in Quraan and Sunna.
From my reading of the article I can consider the author as the Father of Riba Free Banking in the United States. There are a lot of benefits for starting Riba Free Banking system in America such as providing people (Muslims and non-Muslims) with larger choices and enable products’ diversifications. It will also increase the competition between Riba Free Banking system and the traditional conventional system and this competition is of course in favor of the customers. The author mentioned a case study of the main differences between a Riba-Free Islamic Banking and the conventional one. I think the Islamic choice is of more value since it is based in Return on Capital which is in compliance with Shariah standards. The starting point was in 1987 when the LARIBA bank (Shariah Compliant) was established as a depositary institution, although the bank attracted many customers but they still could not transfer their deposits for some reasons. One of the most important reasons was that there will not be any type of insurance for their deposits since this type of insurance is prohibited in Islam.

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