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Mohammed Ruhaib CEO of Lanka Staffing
(Network Administrator) Lanka Staffing & Corp

Lanka staffing corporation is a temporary staffing agency. The head quarter is situated in Colombo, Sri Lanka and there are 20 branches island wide. In the head quarter there are 150 employees and includes the accounting, payroll, human resources, and IT departments. At the branch office employs 5 to 20 people an in each branch office there is a branch manager and a representative for the IT departments. The company provides 01 to 05 employees from the sales department to work full time at the Customer offices.

All head quarter employees use Windows 98 desktop computers and the IT department uses Windows NT Workstation 4.0 desktop computers. Lanka Staffing Corporation has 28 Windows NT Server 4.0 computers at headquarters. Lanka staffing corporation would be the most effective and efficient if the following requirements are implemented.

Upgrade its server from Windows NT server 4.0 to Windows 2008 server and use one Active Directory tree. Upgrade all its desktop computers from Windows NT Workstation 4.0 to Windows 7 Professional. Add a new Remote Access Server which will be named RAS2. Add a fresh Internet Information Services (IIS) Server.
We are upgrading our existing operating system Windows NT 4.0 workstation to Windows 7, so the organization has to buy new operating system CD. That will cost us more. Need to buy a Windows Server 2008 CD for the organization. This will also increase our cost factor. We have to pay for the technician those who help us to upgrade our existing system. Expenses for the transmission media structure cabling and small components used in the network infrastructure.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 delivers new, powerful functionality that adds real value by simplifying your business operations and improving…...