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Oil: Can We Survive Without It?

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November 24, 2011
Oil: Can We Survive Without It? Oil production and inventions of alternative energy sources have been critically analyzed from the beginning of energy production. Alternatives such as wind power, water power, and solar cells are just a few of the many alternative energy sources that will be addressed and by providing factual evidence, their potential will be illustrated. When examining these touchy topics one major question can be addressed: how reliable will alternative energy sources be once oil is gone? Further examination of topics such as the efficiency of energy alternatives, accessibility of energy alternatives, the amount of energy alternatives available, the technology needed to obtain new energy alternatives, environmental concerns, and whether or not we should pursue alternative energy in the near future or if we can afford to wait, will help us answer the question of how reliable alternative energy sources will be once oil is gone. While alternative energy sources will be able to replace oil when it runs out, we can, for the time being, continue living as we do because the depletion of oil is not a concern for the immediate future. The negative effects of oil production on the environment have been a concern for many years; however, this statement can be refuted by new statistical evidence that is available today. When oil production was first introduced into society the harmful effects emitted into the environment were largely detrimental to society. As oil production grew, the technology that aimed to reduce the harmful toxins emitted into the air grew as well. Ezra Levant agrees when he writes, “From 1990 to 2009, the intensity of greenhouse gas from the oil sands has plummeted by 38%...and the emissions continue to fall every year” (109). In making this comment Levant urges us to create a new view of oil production.…...

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