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Coconut Oil**: good for dandruff and dry scalp. It also add shine to the hair. Mostly used in India. Great for hair growth. It provides the nutrients necessary to repair damaged hair.
Olive Oil**: The best use of olive oil on your hair is to create a conditioner. This oil helps to alleviate dryness and back shine and luster to hair. Most people add olive oil to their conditioners which result in more manageable hair.
Jojoba Oil**: is most similar to human skin oil sebum. It can provide all day moisturation. It is very stable and does not lose its strength over time. It can be used separately or added to your favorite conditioner, shampoo and even leave-in conditioners. This oil is great in preventing dandruff caused by dry skin.
Avocado Oil**: provides a number of benefits for all hair types. It contains many essential nutrients such as protein and Vitamins A, D & E. It is believed that it also protects hair from the sun’s UBV and UVA rays. Avocado oil can be directly massaged unto the scalp, especially for dry hair. It can also be combined with other oils such as almond and olive. Many people also add it to shampoos and conditioners.
Grapeseed Oil**: stimulate hair growth by locking in moisture and protecting hair from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is great for hot hair treatments or added to conditioners. It can be used on dry, normal or oily hair. This oil is also great for curing and preventing dandruff.
Caster Oil**: This oil is versatile, it can be used on the skin or in your hair. Use sparingly as this oil is very thick. Also make sure you use only cold-press caster oil or other types of caster oil may clog your pores.
Rosemary Oil*: stimulate hair growth. It is used extensively in shampoos and conditioners. Regular use of this oil strength hair follicles and promote longer and stronger hair growth. Also good for dry scalp, thinning and…...