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Ojuice Management Issues

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1.0 Introduction
A problem of leadership is clearly identified in the case study concerning the company OJuice. According to Bennis and Nanus (1985) a cited in Silverthorne and Wang (2001), in most of the case, a lack of leadership or an inefficient leadership model leads to high risks of failure for an organisation. The management problem relevant to OJuice is based on a leadership problem, which conducts to incomprehension between leader and employees, but also to an absence of creativity, which makes the company uncompetitive and outdated compare to the competitors. McLaurin (2006) defined the notion of leadership as the action of interact with minimum two people in a group to organise and fix a situation related to the wants and visions of the members. Daft and Noe (2001) as cited in McLaurin (2006) explained that this notion involves influence and guidance on members to reach objectives but only if the decision-making reflects the leader’s and members’ desire. If not, Anderson (1992) as cited in Silverthorne and Wang (2001) claimed that the leaders who do not understand their employees are called “non-adaptive leaders” and are less efficient in fast moving and growing structures than “highly adaptive leaders” (p.400). Hersey and Blanchard (1982) as cited in Blank, Weitzel and Green (1990) argued that “less adaptive leaders” don’t help to create an ambiance where members respect them and are able to work together, which, reported by Terry (1960) as cited in Hambleton and Gumpert (1982) conduct directly to a failure if solutions are not introduced before. The following report argue that the leading problem in OJuice company has to be improved by using a theory of the situational leadership developed by Hersey and Blanchard.

2.0 Problem Identification
The problem identified is that OJuice Company doesn’t apply a right leadership model, as it should have been…...

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