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Oklahoma City Bombing

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Tim McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing
Born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Bill McVeigh, Tim McVeigh was hit hard by the separation of his parents at age 10 in 1978,something he hardly showed. He rarely spoke about his mother and spoke fondly about his father.
Being a low achiever in high school and not so interested in college, he hit the job market in the mid-1980s, a time when the men with the blue-collar skill were hardly needed. In high school Tim was really obsessed with guns, such that by the time he was 20, he was able to explode bombs and even shoot guns
Tim was raised up in a conservative family; an exclusive one in the absence of the mother who had left with Jennifer, Tim’s sister at age 4.Bill McVeigh worked the midnight shift in an auto plant that his father had put his 30 years. Tim’s sister Patty took the role of the house’s disciplinarian even though she was barely 2 years older than Tim. He had his way of having friends around by having a skateboarding ramp and a haunted house at their house’s basement.
Bill McVeigh bought Tim a 22-caliber rifle which he used in the woods before acquiring a semiautomatic BB gun which he was really proud of. His way of passing time during boring classes was drawing guns and had this patriotic way of talking about defending America.
A few computer classes here and there he got him bored so he took up a job as a truck driver. The only two things he found interesting about this job was that he could carry a gun besides wearing a uniform. One of his coworkers found him to be wild at times. He only mentioned the government when he took out his paycheck to complain of how little he was earning.
McVeigh also took a brief job at Lockport as a gun salesman.
A little convincing saw Tim join the service. He confessed later that the reason as to why he joined so quickly was because he had always wanted to shoot. He…...

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