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Module 6

Organizational leadership

3 marks

1) What do you mean by “charisma”?

Ans: Charisma is a trait found in individuals whose personalities are characterized by powerful charm and magnetism (attractiveness) and superior capabilities of interpersonal communication and persuasion.

According to Weber, charisma is a pure form of authority based on the gift of divine grace.

The term charisma is applied to a certain quality of an individual personality by virtue of which he is considered extraordinary and treated as endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities.

2) Who is a charismatic leadership?

Ans: Charismatic leadership is a leadership based on the leader’s ability to communicate and behave in ways that reach followers on a basic, emotional way, to inspire and motivate.

3) Define the term “transactional leadership”.

Ans: A transactional leader is one who guides and motivates his follows in the direction of establish goals by clarifying role and task requirements.

It involves exchange relationship between leader and the followers. It is a perception for mediocrity and that transformational leadership leads to superior performance in organization facing demands for renewal and change.

4) Differentiate between transformational and transactional leadership.


| Transformational leadership |Transactional leadership |
|Builds on man’s need for meaning |Builds on man needs to get a job done and make a living |
|Is preoccupied with purposes and values, morals and ethics. |Is preoccupied with power and position,

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