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Old Spice is a world-renowned deodorant and body wash brand nowadays however this was not always the case. Only recently (as recent as before 2010 in fact) through the creation of a new ad campaign from Proctor & Gamble for Old Spice has its popularity grown so immensely that it is now the number one selling deodorant worldwide. Prior to the ad campaign the Old Spice product had a stigma associated with it that it was only meant for old people since it is an old product (brought to the shelves in 1934). The younger generations seemed to think that since their fathers and grandfathers used the product it was outdated and reminded them of them which may not be particularly what a man wants since he would like to create his own identity thus making Old Spice into an unwanted product.

The revival of Old Spice was through an innovative and creative ad campaign created by Wieden & Kennedy (W&K) advertising agency. They utilized the massive network of online users on popular mediums such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social networking and video streaming sites giving them access to billions of people around the world instantly. The campaign, lead by the current face of Old Spice, ex-NFL star Isaiah Mustafa, was an instant success and turned viral as planned. Within the first 36 hours the YouTube views had reached over 23.2 million. With the technology available today information can travel instantly from one source to another. Instantly, that’s the key word. This is because as the hilarious Old Spice campaign videos rolled out there were many user responses over Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube comments. W&K took advantage of this by filming immediate response videos to these comments/users which was a great idea since it made the user feel as if they were being cared for and they received instant gratification from the man Isaiah Mustafa himself. Isaiah Mustafa was chosen due to the times as well since Obama’s popularity in 2010 was at a high around the world, the advertising agency decided to go with a black male with a Muslim name much like President Barack Obama so that the public could relate better and would easily believe his words. At the end of it all there was over 40 hours of footage available on the net with over 200 response videos. Almost overnight the image of Old Spice was changed from an old man’s deodorant to the path to smelling like a real man. Within a month sales for Old Spice took off increasing profit by a crazy 107 percent! More than doubling its profits and boosting it to the top spot worldwide for deodorants.

All of this made possible because of the great technological innovations over the past 2 decades allowing instant communication and viral videos such as Old Spice ads to be spread like wildfire all around the world instantly. Just goes to show that its all about the ability to change perception and adapting to the times because its not as if Old Spice changed the scent of their deodorant or catchy jingle, they simply put out new ads in a new medium suiting today’s generation better.

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