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Believe in Your Smellf “Believe in your smellf,” this is Old Spices catch phrase for their Old Spice Champion ad. When it comes to selling a product Old Spice tries to make the costumer think that if they get their product it will change them. Can think of a company that uses weasel words more than Old Spice does with their advertisement? Old Spice tries to make it seem as if, by purchasing their product, you will all of a sudden have a much more glorious life. Old Spice is notorious for misleading an audience into buying their product. They have multiple commercials where they use doublespeak to try and make their product sound better. Old Spice also frequently uses weasel words as well as doublespeak to get people more interested in their product. Lutz said this about weasel words, “Weasel words appear to say one thing when in fact they say the opposite or nothing at all.” (Lutz 310) Lutz describes doublespeak as, “It is a language which makes the bad seem good, the negative seem positive, the unpleasant to seem attractive, or at least tolerable. “ (Lutz 304) Old spice has multiple commercials making false claims of how you can be changed by their product. As a consumer of any product you must be aware of what ads trying to sell you. Old Spice Champion is trying to get people to “Believe in your smellf.” Many consumers buy Old Spice Champion for misleading reasons, but no consumer should ever buy Old Spice Champion because of the lack of knowledge of weasel words.
The Old Spice commercial with NFL wide receiver Greg Jennings is very misleading because of what he tells the audience in the commercial. This commercial disguises the use of inflated doublespeak very well. Lutz describes inflated language as, “designed to make the ordinary seem extraordinary, to make everyday things seem impressive, to give an air of importance to people or situations, to make the simple seem complex.”(Lutz 306) Old Spice Champion should try to sell their product for what it actually is not for what it could do for you. There is no need to mislead the audience into buying something, which it isn’t, or what the consumer thought it was. This commercial does a very good job on misleading the audience. This commercial starts out with what appears as a girl riding a jet ski. A few seconds later the camera zooms out and you see Greg Jennings doing pushups with the Jet Ski and girl on his back. This was the first thing that was unethical to me. Very few men could actually do a pushup with a Jet Ski and a girl on their back if any at all if any at all. After a couple seconds of doing pushups with the Jet Ski and girl on his back Greg Jennings looks up at the camera and says, “You can too, with Old Spice Champion.” (OldSpice) Implying that if you buy Old Spice body wash you will also be able to do pushups with a Jet Ski and girl on your back. People use old spice body wash but from using it they don’t feel like they could do pushups with a Jet Ski and girl on my back. This commercial is just trying to sell their product of false claims they make. If they just pointed out all the positives about old spice body was they could sell their product just fine. Old spice has another commercial that features NFL wide receiver Greg Jennings, in which again he uses weasel words such as “like” to mislead the audience. Lutz describes the weasel word “like” as, “basically a word empty of any specific meaning.” (Lutz 315) So this commercial uses the word “like” to have no meaning at all and miss lead their audience. This commercial starts out with Greg Jennings playing Frisbee with a dog. Next Greg Jennings walks closer to the camera says, “When you use old spice champion it’s like you’re the star in a Hollywood film about your own life.” (OldSpice) Old Spice uses the word “like” to mislead the audience here. Not many people would catch that word and actually may believe that they will become a Hollywood Star just from using Old Spice Champion. This just goes back how Old Spice makes untrue claims about how your life will change if you use their product. Why do they need to make people think that they will become a Hollywood star? Old Spice would be able to make a lot of sales if they did nothing to their product. Yet they always try to make unproven claims such as you will all of a sudden become a star. How is somebody going to transform anyone into a Hollywood star, just from using a different kind of body wash? This was a farfetched statement to make, there won’t be a film crew that just appears out and makes your life into a movie. You will not become a celebrity overnight because of Old Spice Champion, and you need to watch for the weasel words they put in their ads. Old Spice has a third commercial staring NFL superstar Greg Jennings where he is stuck in cement but it denying that he is bothered by it because of Old Spice Champion. This is doublespeak at its finest. Lutz said this about doublespeak, “It is language which avoids, shifts, or denies responsibility; language which is at a variance with its real or purported meaning.” (Lutz 304) Greg Jennings in this commercial is denying all responsibility. The commercial starts out with him being stuck in clement and then says to the camera, “Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where you say to yourself this is bad, this is a negative situation?” (OldSpice) Greg Jennings then goes on to say, “When you believe in your smellf, these are the situations that make us stronger.” (OldSpice) Greg Jennings follows this statement with, “And someday you’ll look back and think that was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Guaranteed.” (OldSpice) Anyone who has seen this add couldn’t disagree with Greg Jennings more. People have had plenty of times where they say to myself, “this is bad” but they don’t go on to thinking it was the best thing that ever happened to them just because they use Old Spice champion. Just because you use a certain brand of Old Spice doesn’t mean that everything bad that ever happens to you will become the best thing that has ever happened. This is just Old Spice using weasel words to try and make more profit off what their Old Spice Champion products. Old Spice needs to stop acting like if you get this product that all of a sudden it will change you, day in and day out it will be the same for someone if they’re using Old Spice Champion or not. Old Spice Champion uses weasel words and doublespeak to help bolster their sales. Old Spice Champion repeatedly misleads the audience into buying their product this way. “Advertisers try to swap their claims in language that sounds concrete, specific, and objective, when in fact that language of advertising is anything but.” (Lutz 316) You see this in multiple Old Spice Champion commercials. These three commercials used ploys such as, inflated language making the consumer feel extraordinary, weasel words such as “like”, and doublespeak where they deny responsibility to help sell their product. They also brought in a NFL superstar Greg Jennings in effort to reach out to all the sports fans. Making them feel like you can be just like him if you buy this product. Old Spice uses tricks in almost every commercial they feature Greg Jennings in. No matter how big or small the purchase may be we must be aware of what the advertisement is really saying or do. Why would someone buy a product when the person selling you it is tricking you? No one would go to a car dealership knowing that they are being tricked and still buy a car. So why would you spend your money on Old Spice Champion if you are aware of them trying to trick you just for your money?

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