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March 27, 2013
Old Spice Advertisements are a powerful thing. They persuade the reader to think what they want them to think, want what they want them to want and believe what they want them to believe. When a company produces a commercial, their main goal is to get their product they are showcasing to sell. According to, advertising is, “the activity or profession of producing information for promoting the sale of commercial products or services”. Old Spice is a prominent American brand of male hygienic products. The first Old Spice product was intended for women, introduced in 1937. Old Spice for men followed in 1938. The first advertisement I chose was published in 1945 the advertisement shows a man’s shaving kit with the logo “FOR THAT AMERICAN FEELING OF WELL BEING”. The second advertisement I chose was published in 2010 this advertisement is for a man’s deodorant with the logo “Residue is Evil STOP IT”. The Old Spice advertisements capture men by reaching out to their needs and giving them the ideal of what they should smell like. The first advertisement is focused mainly on the product, which is the first thing you notice when you look at this advertisement. The top half of the backdrop is black, which allows the product to standout. The products are displayed staggered. In the top left corner you see two bright red boxes with the white bottles of Old Spice Talcum for men and Old Spice After- Shave Lotion in front of them. In the middle is a wood box with the Old Spice Shaving Soap displayed in a mug in front. On the bottom left are two bars of Old Spice Bath Soap displayed in a wooden box. Each product displays the Old Spice trademark sailing ship. The only words on the top half of this advertisement are “EARLY AMERICAN Old Spice SHAVING REQUISITES”. By using...

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