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Olivia In Elie Wiesel's Twelfth Night

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In a depressing room sat a father, Mauricio, and a daughter, Olivia, alongside each other. In front of them were a pencil, math homework, and a candle lamp. At half after six o’clock, father and daughter endeavor with math problems. Olivia always struggles with her homework. She attempts to concentrate. A tense atmosphere lingers between Mauricio and Olivia; therefore, Olivia’s heart beats rapidly. She fears her father. She fears the punishments when she simply cannot understand her homework. Olivia tensely grasps her no. 2 pencil; her hands began to perspire. Olivia gazes at her math problems; however, all she sees is a blank page. Her father intimidates her to comprehend her homework. Quick to anger, Mauricio becomes impatient with his daughter. Drastically, Mauricio harshly knocks Olivia on her …show more content…
They returned only for less than a year during the span of ten years. In addition, when I was born my parents withdrew Yenis from the school to take care of an infant, me. Yenis shares her hardships in regards to raising me. She said; “I could not reach things. I was petit; everything was higher and bigger than I was. I was sad when I was withdrawn from school.” Moreover, I recently learned that my grandmother did not care for us, her grandchildren, during the first four years in El Salvador. According to my sister, Yenis, our Aunt Gloria was the guardian my mother chose to care for her young children ranging from eleven to a-year-old. My mother sent the payment and she collected the money, feed us then retreated to her own house leaving us in our own house alone. Our ten-year-old, sister, cared for us as best as best as child’s ability. Yenis had difficulty with all of us, especially with my brother Daniel, who was the freest spirited. Consequently, growing-up we did not have a guardian to implement early

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