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The Name Is Daniel (: I Cut The Cake February 2Nd I Am Fifteen Years Of Age I Know Seem Younq .I Attend Mountain View High School Go Toros(: I Am Not Your Typically Guy I Am Very Different I Am Myself I Follow No Sterotyps What So Ever Its A Waiste Of Time :P I Am very Nice And Outqoinq The Things I Love To Do The Best Is Shop (: (: Go To The Movies (: I Love Scary And Romantic Movies For Some Reason (: Haha. I Love Partyinq, Ravinq, Oh Yeah My Rave Name Is Bubbles For Those Who Wanna Know (: As You Can Tell I Love Doinq Anythinq As Lonq As I Am Not Home (: I Love Giong To Concerts And Meetinq People. I Could Go On But I Wont If You Wanna Know More Ask For The Diqits Or Messaqe Or Comment Me (:
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<table height="100" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" border="0" class="profileInfo"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="bottom" align="left" width="300" bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="3" style="WORD-WRAP:break-word;"> <span class="nametext">αѕнℓєуღ <br />

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Sister♥Wonder Women
Daughter♥Rainbow Freak
Son♥Teddy Weddy
Aunt♥Poison IV
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