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Psychology as a contributing discipline of Organizational Behavior is concerned with organizational and work structure to improve the productivity and quality of life of people at work (Pond, 1999). Specifically, organizational psychologists study employee behavior in order to improve productivity, quality of life and job performance.

The VAM model as developed by George and Jones highlights a multidimensional relationship between the behavioral factors of values, attitudes and moods which an employee holds towards their overall work experience. These three dimensions apply directly to an employee’s feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about their job and their employing organization (George, Jones, 1997). The concept of workplace behavior needs to be broken down into smaller factors to understand employee attitude and how it affects job and company performance. The VAM model provides such a breakdown and a way to associate psychology with organizational behavior

The organizational behavior discipline of sociology studies people in relation to their fellow human beings, most notably within organizational groups (Robbins, 2005). Groups are defined as two or more people who must interact in pursuit of shared objectives (Ashmos, Nathan, 2002).

The Beal, Cohen, Burke, and McLendon article addresses the relationship between individuals, the team, and the organization in support of team cohesion and ultimately performance. The authors define specific levels that exist within any organization that play precise roles in how team cohesiveness is developed and maintained. These levels, an example factor include: individual (i.e. personality), team (i.e. leadership style), and organizational (i.e. how teams are used). This multi-level view of relationships within teams; how team members work together, work as a group and work within an...

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