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Future of Nursing

Future of Nursing The education that was taught to nurses up and well into the 20th century is no longer valid for dealing with all the health care issues in the 21st century. The American population is growing older and more diverse with cultural, social-economics, race, ethnicity, and religions. There is a larger shift in the nation’s health care needs for the 21st century. Health care issues today have many chronic conditions such as, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, many mental health issues, and increasing obesity levels in the old as well as in the young. The registered nurse with a higher education will be able to function in unpredictable and complex situations. The registered nurse with a baccalaureate is able to demonstrate flexibility and critical thinking. The old, tired way nurses have been educated will be replaced with advanced learning in community-based, multidisciplinary patient care delivery system of the future. Nurses will no longer be in the back seat due to lesser education, but will be seated side-by-side with other heath care disciplines making educated decisions, quality improvements, and have great system thinking skills. The higher educated nurse will have great team leadership skills. Nursing education was primarily taught for health care challenges of the early 20th century. Education for nurses leading into the 20th century was the basics of keeping patients alive and helping the patient themselves with activities of daily living, and not including the patients family. Going into the 20th century, the registered nurse needs to be better educated, to know more than just the basics of daily task and procedures. The higher education for the nurse, the better education and prevention that nurse can provide to their patients and patient families....

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