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Welcome to the Omicron Delta Chapter of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). With over 5000 members we are one of the largest chapters of the society with our members (students, graduates and nurse leaders) stretching across the United States and internationally. We are fortunate to have a virtual chapter with strong leadership and university campuses to support the activities of the chapter in the fulfillment of the society’s mission and purpose at regional and local levels. Our chapter’s service identity is Promoting Healthy Nurses and Communities through Collaboration.
I am honored to serve as President of this chapter. I became involved in Sigma Theta Tau International twelve years ago when I was inducted into Omicron Delta, as one of the founding members and attended the chartering ceremony in Indianapolis, IN under the direction of Dr. Sandra Wise. My involvement, as a University of Phoenix graduate, started my active involvement in the society in 1998. I have served as Secretary, President, Archivist, Scholarship committee member, and Liaison from the University of Phoenix Dean’s office. At the local level, I was active in the state wide STTI chapter consortium, which provided research conferences to nurses within the state. Additionally, as part of my scholarship, I have served as an abstract reviewer for the Southern California Joint Sigma Theta Tau International Chapters Odyssey Planning Committee.
Omicron Delta is proud to be the first chapter to be recognized by the national organization as a leader in virtual chapters. Local recruitment, selection, and induction of chapter members are accomplished annually at the various University of Phoenix campuses under the direction of a chapter leader, (the Campus 2nd VP) in collaboration with faculty. We encourage our local-ground campuses to participate in leadership,...

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