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On My First Son

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"On My First Son" In the poem "On My First Son," Ben Jonson begins the poem by saying goodbye to his son, who was his right hand, meaning that he was always there when he needed him. Ben Jonson believes that one of this biggest sin was to love him too much. Jonson uses powerful diction and language to convey his emotions of anger and despair these emotions which he feels as a Father over the loss of his son and makes him question his faith.
In the first stanza Jonson conveys his sense of loss by using its diction and language such as "farewell" and "joy." This show us the deep emotional pain he felt by losing the "child of my right hand," Jonson described his son with literally and happy words, "loved" and "joy" illustrates a relation that is deep and has a greate importance. The author also show his anger when he uses words such as "sinne " and "I thee pay" that clearly show us his dissatisfaction.
The anger confronts Jonson's faith "seven years thou wert lent to me" because he believes that his son was too young to die and what make his anger bigger is that his son was only seven years old. Jonson tries to justify gods plan by saying that it was "just" or fair for the child to die since he believed that the child was a loan from God and the idea of fatherhood will never be the same for Jonson "Oh could i lose all father now," since his son died.
Jonson tries weakly to envy his son's sudden departure to heaven which is shown by the sentence "And if no other miserie, yet age?" because he is free from the physical and mental pains of life also won't have to worry about the hassles of getting old, this show who the write is trying to find consolation in death. Ben Jonson ask his son to tell any one who ask that he is Ben Jonson's best piece of poetry.
We can assum that the writer purpose of writing this poem is to let know his son that if he loves one day...

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