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Once Upon a Starnge Time

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Once upon a Str@ngeTime, I found myself running as fast as I could. Finally I had escaped from the depths of the prison that encaged me, I had lost track of time. Days, Nights, were the same complete darkness. Just Time, It drove me crazy. The muscles in my legs ached, and I could feel my stomach tighten at each desperate leap for freedom. Finally I had the oppertunity I was looking for and I took it. I could hear them pacing behind me, but I had no idea how fast I could run once I was air bourne. I did not look back or slowen my pace, I knew If I was caught it would finally be the end of me. The mist of the Dawn Air surrounded me, and gave me great leaverage. My sense of direction came natural to me, I was able see without seeing, allowing me to know my surroundings like a sixth sense. I have the upper hand, now that I've reached the wilderness beyond the city. Up ahead I could hear running water. I'm not too sure exactly how far, but there must be a river up ahead. The dense moisture in the air I felt, near the city limit, led me to believe the river ran underneath the city, leading past the wilderness and out over the mountain top. How many years had it been since I climbed this mountain,. I remember vaguely but so much time has past I don't think I could still find the trail that led me up here. My Jill, my friend, where would she be by now. A pain in my chest caused a lump in my throat, my eyes watered and burned. I tried desperately not to let tears roll down my face. IT angered me, too many years had I shed tears for the reason I really had no choice over. You see, many years ago, Jill and I were children growing up in this huge house, almost like siblings with a land of our own, no one around except us. But before this journey begins let me introduce myself my name is Sir Jack Str@nge...
This story begins in a place far, far away, a place like no other...

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