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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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In the beginning of 21st century, there was a place where the young ones are being controlled by a power called “the FATHER”. That guy is really complicated to understand, sometimes he lets you go out and stay at your friend but sometimes he gets mad and fires the place where he controls, which is called HOUSE. You can never know if you really want to escape from the house, not just because of you economically need him, you know you love that guy but you cannot know if you want to live in the same house. In this piece of writing, you’ll read my journey of escaping from this hell and the results of that getaway. After this journey is finished, nothing is going to be the same.
The Father was “the Architect” of the house and system of my life, but hope was with me and I, I let the force be with me. If I took the blue pill, the story would end. I’d wake up in my bed and continue to live like a slave, but I took the red pill, to fight for my independence, to fire my ropes. That afternoon, I arrived next to the Father, I just wanted him to let me go out for one night, and I just said him: Father, please give me my freedom for one night. He asked me: What will you use your freedom for, are you going to study and bring me higher grades? I stopped and said: No, father. He asked: So what you’re gonna do? Save the world? Then something exploded in my heart like something. I said: No daddy, I’m gonna smoke, listen to music, and at the end of the night, after I make out with some b*tches, I am going sleep with one of them, and maybe if I am very drunk, I’ll get a tramp stamp right before my ass h*le and maybe it might be read as “I LOVE YOU DADDY”. Then I’ll spend your money, like five thousand bucks, to delete it. Now give me some money because I am going to do what I exactly said to you with your money. My mother was there next to my father and she said “What should we do?” to the Father. The father said: I’m gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. He turned his face to me Look son, tonight stay at home and will act like I didn’t hear what you said to me in previous minutes. Then my mother exited, I said to the Father: Don’t make me laugh and give me the money. He said: "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Well, who the hell else are you talkin' to? You talkin' to me? Well, I'm the only one here. Who the f*ck do you think you're talkin' to?" I said: My name is Temel, Utku Temel, and left ther, shut the door.

I was planning to run away from the house but there were guardians all around the house, I was going to jump from the window, I connected my clothes to make a long rope, I escaped from the House, I defeated all the guardians with my light saber. I was shouting like “No pain, Utku, no pain!” before I defeated the guardians and after I jumped from the last door, my friend was waiting for me with his sport car and while we were driving next to sea side, in the sunset, I removed my head from the sun roof, the reflected sun light was coming on my face, and there was a Leonardo de Caprio smile in my face like I’ve met with my love in the ship where I gained tickets coincidently for. And I shouted: I’m the king of the world! And the wind was combing my hair. I said to my friend: Go faster cuz I feel the need - the need for speed!
We went to the party, but the party scene passed as fast as a plain, gone with the wind. And something happened very extra-ordinary, I threw up on the b*tt of the girl when I was f*ucking her, just like in the movie American Pie, what a movie huh? You still can’t pronounce its name comfortably next to you mother. Yeah yeah, the party scene is finished in this paragraph with this sentence.
My situation was very harmonic, heterogenic, electronic, ultrasonic, symphonic and platonic like a new born baby’s first breath, with the shyness of a teenager who is about to take a bump from his first cigarette, first sip of his drink which contains alcohol. Oh no, I really evince that I “used to” smoke and use alcohol to the readers of this paper, just remainder, the last ones who attempted to hog-tie me... they are lost now. By the time have you seen the movie “The Breakfast Club”? My favorite one, in this journey, I felt like John Bender, the guy who escaped from his detention to his locker and get extacy from there. I escaped from the House, opposed to Godfather, whoops, sorry, the Father, and ultimately the ending was obvious. When I came back to the house, the house was going to turn in the shape of my home, the Father was going to be my dad and when I came back, we would hug each other and a small tear would on my mother’s eye (Oh NOOO, illuminati!). But sorry, you expected me to say one of those fairy tale endings and after I said this you expected me to say the opposite of this. By the time, nothing has happened. When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep, and you're never really awake, this is the coolness of absurdity of Hollywood. I never really sleep. Got one eye open always cuz I’m a bad ass.

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