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Cancer. An ambitious disease. Luckily we have people in our world that are willing to go through the education system to inspect, diagnosis and treat cancerous tumors that develop in the human body. An oncologist is a physician who treats patients with cancer. There are many different branches in the medical field specifically related to oncology. The role of an oncologist oversees the care of the patient throughout his or her diagnosis and the course of the disease. The physician will give a detailed explanation of the stage of the cancer and the type of cancer that has developed. The patient and the oncologist will discuss the relevant treatment options that will best suit the patient. The oncologist may have to help the patient with pains …show more content…
An oncologist must give compassionate care for the patient and the family.

An oncologist is able to practice in multiple different areas. For example, hospitals, military oncologists, pediatric oncology, medical oncologists, surgical oncologists and many more. There is a wide variety of jobs that relate to oncology in the hospital. The oncology clinical nurse specialist is a registered nurse that has obtained a master’s degree. This specialist has a variety of roles. They include giving direct patient or family care, nursing research related to cancer patients and discuss treatment as well as side effects of the treatment. In order to become an oncologist with the United States Army you must be an active member. The potential oncologist has to obtain a license to practice medicine in the United States of America, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico. They must be able to obtain a board certification. A …show more content…
There are two types of registries that relate to cancer. Hospital registries and Population based registries. Hospital registries focuses on the care of the patient and provides education of cancer for the health care providers. Hospitals have the ability to review its data to study patterns, population subsets, or geographic regions. Population based registries use the information from different regions like hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, pathology laboratories, ambulatory care clinics, radiation and chemotherapy treatment centers. This data provides new cancer cases and death rates across the country. Once the doctors are aware of the information from the registries they can look at trends of cancer related to job types and to see if the survival rate is improving. Cancer registries allows staff that is involved with oncology to help guide cancer prevention and control programs that focuses on changing behaviors across the

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