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Part 1: Structure
Concept Design Initial Design Ideas Developing the Design Material selection Project Budget Manufacturing Constraints Aesthetic Development Optimising Performance Final Concept Design
Generator Characterisation Lab Report Design Implications Gearing Ratios Jet Lab Lab Report Design Implications Nozzle Diameter
Buying Materials Nozzle Manufacture Pelton Wheel Manufacture Circuitry Manufacture Frame Manufacture Final Assembly
Testing Report Testing Implications Manufacturing Fine Tuning
Competition Report Comparison to Other Groups

PArt 2: Language and illustrations
Generator Characterisation
It is important to find the operating point of the generator so that it functions as efficiently as possible when connected to the Pelton Wheel. The purpose of the generator lab was to find the Armature resistance, EMF constant, Torque Constant and Resistive Torque due to friction; each of which help to determine this.
Lab Report
The EMF constant of the generator can be calculated by measuring the output terminal voltage from the generator for different input shaft speeds. This is achieved by connecting a motor of known specifications to the generator. Different supply Voltages are applied to the motor then the open circuit voltages and angular velocity of the generator are measured. Figure 1 shows a plot of angular velocity against armature voltage. The value of the EMF constant can be found by working out the gradient of the line.


Part 3: Reading, syntax and grammar
Summarising “Particle-Based Discrete Element Modelling: A Geomechanics Overview” in 200 words
Discrete Element Modelling is a numerical approach to simulate and analyse soil response. This paper considers a category of DEM simulation where the interactions of a very large number of rigid bodies are considered. The basic principles of DEM are that you define a system geometry and contact model as the input, this includes the particles coordinates, boundary conditions and model parameters. The process then calculates the contact forces between contacting particles; calculates resultant forces on each particle; the accelerations of the particles and thus the velocities via integration. Finally it calculates the particle displacements and rotations and updates their positions. This process is repeated for a specified number of time increments. Boundary conditions can be rigid, periodic or a stress controlled. Calculations in DEM analysis are in terms of force and displacement from which an average stress in an arbitrarily selected region can be calculated. You can also calculate strain between two points in time by triangulating the system. There are several limitations of DEM. One of the main issues is modelling a large enough volume of soil with huge numbers of particles for it to be of practical use for engineers.

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