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One Family One Sound

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A Family of One Sound
As we move forward through our lives we begin to see, new bonds created that makes this group a family. We speak together as one mind, one heart, one sound, so that love and support can be found. Our mistakes are learned from and we begin to look back, on the way things used to be before our music was intact. We cannot be a selfish a selfish generation only looking for fame, what we should realize is that at the end of every year we will never be the same. The truth about this group is that we leave no one out, and we all know to leave no doubt. Our parents always talk to us about setting the example for each other, what they don’t realize is that we are setting the example, for music, our other mother. Through the power of music everything is possible to us and we will not be denied, we need to take a stand and show everyone the power of ‘Jaguar Pride’. I am a witness as are you to the effect of one musician can have on us all, his memory reminds us that WE NEED TO STAND TALL. As our lives continue to change daily our bonds grow stronger, our music creates a common goal, to mourn no longer. My message through this spoken word is simple but everlasting; we should band together as one sound and persevere through our tragic passing. We’re the definition of putting up a fight, we have no weakness, and the ability to make our hardest times into positive memories is what will complete us. As we stand here today as witnesses to the power of music in our lives, we lay our foundation for starting a new, a new chance to strive. Think of me as a voice, a voice of support, my encouragement can be seen as a safe haven, a vocal fort. We often look past those things that are dearest to us, yet one thing stays common, the way music strengthens us. To say that we are one with music is just that, a saying, to be serious about this we must be one with ourselves and together as one unit, to show everyone we are staying. And to the choir directors, our loyal guardians, our second set of parents whom we love dearly, continue to be our guiding lights, our reason to not be weary. For all hardships and difficult situations that come our way, we all need to know that the three of you will stay with us always. I speak to you today through love and inspiration, to let you all, my other family know, that the power of music can help us obtain a new year of recreation that will always help us grow. Our main goal this year should be one that is simple, but always have a part of our heart; we must grow as one and show to everyone that one sound, for one reason, through one family is the purest art. Let us grow as one and support each other daily, we’ll show everyone that we truly are a family.

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