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One Flew over

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One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

1. The noticeable changes on the ward after McMurphy breaks the window are that the patients on the ward realize they don’t have to take the abuse that nurse Ratched and the staff inflicts on them and the embarrassment that follows on an everyday basis.

2. Some specific signs of the tension between McMurphy and nurse Ratched is that is beginning to affect her are that McMurphy has total control and influence on the way her patients think and react to her commands. Therefore, Ratched is affected in a sense that she is losing control of the ward because of mcmurphy.

3. People began to treat Bromden as if he was too dumb to hear or see anything. Bromden reminisces with his childhood when men Stetson hats used to visit the Indian reservation and insulted the tribe in front of him and when he tried to speak up they ignored him/ inferior feelings. Can hear everything going on inside the hospital without people knowing he is listening like the Native Americans people who believed that they were different or not considered socially normal these people believed that their actions and thoughts would not be listened to. Defensive mechanism so people don't attack him. People viewed Native Americans as lesser beings as well as uneducated. Therefore they made these people feel inferior and isolated. “ It hadn’t been just since I came in the hospital, either; people first took to acting like I couldn’t hear or talk a long time before that/ and even as far back as grade school I can remember people saying that they didn't think I was listening, so they quit listening to the things I was saying” (Kesey 178).

4. The Chief means that people in the novel “get big” because the patients begin to regain their own independence and personalities as they are breaking away from nurse Ratched’s hold on them. McMurphy is now “bigger” then the Chief since he is the one who has influences the other patients and the Chief respects him as more than an equal, than when the Chief was in control of his own life.













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