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Task 1 requires you to apply three different employment laws (FMLA, ADEA & ADA) to three different situations and determine whether or not there was a violation of the applicable law.
Getting Started:
1. Login to Taskstream and review the task instructions and grading rubric for Task 310.1.5-02, 11, 13.
2. Go to the LIT Course of Study and read the materials related to FMLA, ADEA & ADA.
Formatting Your Paper:
Your paper should consist of 3 separate sections. If you would like to include an introduction paragraph you can but it is not required. Each section should include a discussion of at least 3 major provisions of the applicable law, how the law applies to the facts and whether or not there was a violation of the law. Be sure to review the general facts given about Company X as well since some of this information is necessary to determine if the law applies to Company X and whether or not there was a violation. Please note citations to the applicable laws must be included. See sample format below: Situation A -Discuss at least 3 major provisions of FMLA. (Generally, this is a paragraph or two.) -Discuss the key facts in Situation A. (Generally a paragraph.)
-Determine if the law applies to Company x and state whether or not it was violated. Be sure to show how you reached your conclusion. It is not enough to simply state that there was or was not a violation. (Generally a paragraph)
Situation B -Discuss at least 3 major provisions of ADEA. (Generally, this is a paragraph or two.) -Discuss the key facts in Situation B. (Generally a paragraph.)
-Determine if the law applies to Company x and state whether or not it was violated. Be sure to show how you reached your conclusion. It is not enough to simply state that there was or was not a violation. (Generally a paragraph)
Situation C -Discuss at least 3 major provisions of ADA. (Generally, this is a paragraph or two.) -Discuss the key facts in Situation C. (Generally a paragraph.)
-Determine if the law applies to Company x and state whether or not it was violated. Be sure to show how you reached your conclusion. It is not enough to simply state that there was or was not a violation.
Final Steps:
1. Review the grading rubric and make sure that your paper meets all of the requirements.
2. Run your paper through Turnitin in Taskstream to make sure that your paper has under 30% of unoriginal work. If it is over that amount please revise your work and rerun it through Turnitin before submitting it. If you need assistance with citation please contact the Center for Writing Excellence. Good Luck!! If at any time you need assistance please contact one of the Legal Team Course Mentors. We all want you to succeed!!!!!!!!!!

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