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One Two Three Do Not Cry

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After watching the movie and two articles like and , I feel very depressed and mad. I feel very quite shocked for the human crazy killing. When slaughter happens, the bullet is cold and machetes are cold, but hands hold handles and guns, which are blood boiling. However, the bodies are weak trembling, which come to the bullet and machetes. I can not help but want to ask why slaughter will happen?
According the movie and the two articles, I find three main fuses that may cause the three holocausts, including historical racial problems, historical religion problems and totalitarian. As a modern man, I can not image the scene that tens of thousands of people are killed in these slaughters, and even can not find some reasonable reasons to explain why these killers are so cold and bloody that a lot of women and children are killed by them? Suddenly, I realize that I can not to find some right word s to describe these crazy killers’ behavior, just think they lose human nature at that moment, even can not compare with wild animals.
All human history is just from wild animals to human nature, which is a developing history from barbarity to civilization. But in the process, the moment that human nature is veiled often present. In the moment that human beings have highly civilized, but the holocaust appears again and again, which is worthy of all people to ponder!
One two three do not cry, history is the silent tell and defense, which also is the miserable tears!

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