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Online Buying Behaviour

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The project focused on finding out the Online Buying Behaviour of consumers between the age group of 18-30 years. The stated objective of the study was further broken down to secondary objectives which aimed at finding information regarding the popular product categories, frequency of purchases, average spending, factors affecting buying decision process etc. The exploratory research was carried out with 20 respondents with a set of 12 open ended questions. The exploratory findings helped us in determining the key factors which needed to be further explored for research. The secondary research questionnaire designed had 9 questions and was administered to 100 respondents. Each of the questions was designed to satisfy at least one of the secondary objectives of the research. The response format was of a mixed variety which also helped in better determination of outcomes. Post data reduction, Cross tabulation was used for analyzing the causal relationship between different pairs of factors. ANOVA was also applied to a pair of factors. The Regression Analysis between the dependent variable “Average Amount spent per purchase made online” and the independent variables of Frequency of Purchase of products and services online, owning a Credit Card, Marital Status, Education and Age, was done.. Then, Cluster Analysis was done on the data and based on the responses; we could divide the respondents in three clearly distinct groups. We named them: Confident Online Buyer, Unsure surfer and Mall Shopper. We performed Factor Analysis to find the major factors. We could identify six factors: Value for Money, Trust, Connected and Up to date, Problems Faced, and Traditionalism.

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India has the world’s 4th largest Internet user base, which crossed the 100 million mark recently. Better connectivity, booming economy and higher spending...

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