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Online Class V Traditional Class

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Online Classes over Traditional Education
Albert Houdek
University of Maryland University College

Online Classes over Traditional Education Technology has become the focal point of our society. Not only has it taken over our lives but our education system as well. Traditional education used to be the only way to get a formal college education. How times have changed in just 30 years. Online education has busted onto the scene and brought a new wave of education with it. Online classes are a little scary when it comes to the idea of how easy it is to forget about it and just not do your work. Online classes still need to be taken with the same level of seriousness as traditional schooling. Many times what makes life easier is what makes us the most complacent. Online schooling is the greatest educational achievement of the last thirty years. Online classes has made it possible for single parents, full time employees, and even military members to get the education they desire regardless of their busy schedules. A lot of people fear public speaking or participating in class and it really affect and damage their grades. Online courses have online discussions and take the anxiety out of participating. Online classes should be favored more than traditional learning due to time management, participation, and teacher-student relationships. Both online and traditional education courses also assess student participation. In traditional classes, students voluntarily participate in discussions or ask and answer questions. However, some people may be shy or unwilling to contribute, leading to a lopsided class dynamic where the same people tend to carry the weight. In online courses, participation is mandatory, usually through written discussions in chat rooms or on message boards. Students, therefore, have the opportunity to hear a wider range of perspectives,...

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