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Online College: the Better Way to Education

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Online College: The Better Way to Higher Education
Ollie St Jules
Devry University

The Need and Want for Online Schools
With all the things going on in an adult’s life, school should not make it more complicated. However the longer the person waits to attend college the harder it seems to work into their daily lives. This is where I believe online learning comes into play. Choosing a college is never easy, but before you pick the specific school you want to attend, you must first decide whether you want to pursue an education at an online university or a traditional college. Online education like everything else has its pros and cons. I’m not saying that online courses are for everyone but they are very beneficial in my life. With me being a full time parent and employee I find that online education is the best solution for continuing your education on your terms. Online education has many benefits that lead me to recommend this option to you. It has been shown to have better success rates, it’s convenient and flexible, it cost less to attend, and it also opens you to the new technologies that are being used in nearly every occupation.
One of the top reasons I would recommend online learning would have to be the success rate that is garnering. Beginning around 2000, several studies, including meta-studies (review and analysis of hundreds of studies selected for their rigor), began to find significant differences in favor of online learning. These studies culminated in 2010 with a report from the U.S. Department of Education “Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies.” A large k-125 of experimental and quasi-experimental studies met the established inclusion criteria for the meta-analysis (including data from over 20,000 participating students), and provided effect sizes, clearly demonstrating that in 70 percent of the cases, students taking...

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