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Online Conferencing

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Pros and Cons
Case Study

Online conferencing replace traditional communication method
Traditional communication method, history.
Online conferencing today
Roles in different stage to society, organization, personal and business.
Traditional communication method
Online Conferencing product, function, application.
Changing to society and organization

Online conferencing replace traditional communication method
Pro and Cons
Analysis pros and cons between traditional communication method and new online conferencing
New technology to market
Advantage & disadvantage
Case Study
Life behavior changing by new technology
New technology and service expecting to market!

Traditional communication method
Face to face

Simplest way - Telephone, 2 parties only
Conference call – One way + multiple parties
Three-way calling

Mobile links to satellites using specially equipped trucks

Online conference
What is online conference?
Online means “Connected to a computer and internet, we called this as “Web Conference”


1980 Online chat service by CompuServe
Early 1980s Electronic Meeting System as university and research projects
Late 1980s Ancestor of modern Electronic Meeting System “Group System” at 1989.
1992 Popular online video-conferencing tool CU-SeeMe first operational

Mid 1990s Web-based chat and instant messaging
Late 1990s The first real online conferencing became available2000sFree Internet online conferencing services such as "Skype“
2011 Launching of video conferencing features in prevailing social networking platforms such as "facebook" and "Google+"

Online conferencing different roles in Our life!


Tools for oversea communication with friends and relatives (over IDD)
Social networking tool (easy to use)
Learning tool (convenience for seminar)


Shorten the “distance” among people
Proliferate sub-cultures / multi-cultures
Facilitates communications for deaf persons, disabled persons


Cost-effective tools for day-to-day communications with internal and external parties (team meeting)

Essential tools to particular business
Conferencing and Conventions business
Office facilities leasing service
Education (training classes)


Commutations (real time information dissemination)
Brainstorming tool
Knowledge management tool
Comparison (old vs. new)
Traditional communication method (old!)
Bulletin board posting
Face to face
Post office mailing

Online conferencing (new!)

Online chart (ICQ, MSN)
Online conferencing (Skype)
Web cnoferencing (Go-to-Meeting)
Social networking platform (Facebook, Goolege+)

Online conferencing service!

Personal Charting
Internal/external Meeting
Customer relation management
Interactive customer support
Employee training session
Marketing presentation
Training seminars
E-learning, distance learning

Online conference functions!

Multi-party conferencing
Screen selection
Document sharing
Desktop/application sharing
Web sharing
Session recording

Changing to our society and organization

“Green” to our planet
Cultural change (Think before you Print, Think before you Fly)
Double saving (travel cost and working time)
Faster response, smarter interaction
Pros and Cons Analysis
Traditional communication method
To develop important exchange relationship
To observe verbal and non-verbal behavioral
To evaluate and judge the integrity competencies and skills

Geography limitation
External factors (weather, traffic)
Time consuming

Online conferencing
Cost effective
Time saving for traveling
No bonder of geography limitation
Immediate discussion (internal/external)
Easy tools use for information sharing, meeting and training.
Convenience for disabled persons
Lack of observation by face to face
Weak relationship by distance
Technology problem (internal. out of electronic power, broken computer)
Might not able to apply at some traditional cultures or old style countries that they prefer face to face

Online conferencing in market
Skype to skype
Skype to Phone/mobiles
Conference calling
Voice mail
Call forwarding
Group video calling
Screen sharing
Instant messaging
Sending files
Call transfer
Sending SMS


Instant meetings with a single click
One-time scheduled meetings
Recurring meetings
One-click high-definition HDFaces™ video conferencing
Audio conferencing via phone and computer
Full desktop sharing
Specific application sharing*
Invite others on the fly
Instantly change presenters
Drawing tools
Multiple monitor support


Case Study (insert by Angela)
Here is a web for your more information of go to meeting information Conclusion
Traditional communication methods have expanded the idea of forming a group which share common interests and business, this group of people can discuss, retrieve and exchange information with each other, also can make friends through the Internet, we called the online community. People can share document, comment, knowledge, skill, technology
Via skype and online conferencing without effective time and cost management in an organization and government.

People “like” to share information, pictures, personal interests, thoughts and ideas in social networking community.


What is new expecting service or technology of Online

Renew HKID or passport by supporting with PC web cam. & finger print recording by login to the government website.
Business agreement contract by supporting with touch screen signature and electronic company chop connect by PC with password login
Marriage and divorce agreement documentation by supporting with touch screen finger print and signature

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