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Online Education Disadvantage

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Online courses are becoming popular all over the world. At Its best online courses are convenient ways for students to get education, however they allow more opportunities for students to cheat then traditional classroom courses.The methods students are using to cheat can be placed into three general categories: collaboration, course materials, Internet and other resources.
Collaboration: Students with their classmates and their friends can get together and work on projects and assignments, they can also take tests and quizzes together or one student can give test of another student. Some students give out their login names and passwords to homework help services and ask them to take the class for them
Using Course Materials: During the test and quizzes student can use maps, notes, formula sheets, and their textbooks for answers Internet and other resources: Since the classes are online students always resorts to different forms of cheating, they may use search engines such as Google to look for answers of the quizzes and tests. If the homework is online they can either use "copy and paste" or a screen capture to complete the assignments.
There are several ways to minimize cheating in online classes like Professors who teach online classes can conduct live online tests that are timed. In the live chat method professors can check up on students as they study or take tests and the test have each question timed student cannot use the textbooks or cannot surf the internet in pursuit of answers With the number of students participating in online classes, the possibility of cheating would likely be much greater. The Internet is an invaluable tool, and the answers to almost any question can be found there. Since students are not physically inside a classroom, but are at home with no one to look over their shoulder, therefore they have less fear of being caught and they are more tempted to cheat in an online environment While no one can prevent cheating 100%, some methods like live chat method, penalties, are very helpful in keep it to a minimum, and ensure that students will get a real education when taking online courses.

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