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Separating time and distance between a student and an instructor for educational purposes is an online education or distance learning. Online educations provide a way of developing better credentials for applying for higher salaried jobs. Adults with families that work full-time jobs use distance learning to acquire higher educations. People who use traditional educations may disagree with using online educations because of classroom structure, anxiety, and student achievement. Students seeking a higher education should consider using online educations because online educations offer advantages that traditional educations do not. Even though online educations are not for everyone, online educations are growing in popularity; offer flexibility; low costs; accreditation; and are as effective as traditional educations.
Online educations are growing in popularity; therefore, people can acquire a college education without quitting work. One study (Table 1) shows how online learning has grown in one-year from 3.15 million to 3.5 million students enrolling in online education courses. “More than two-thirds of all higher education studies show how online educations are growing in popularity with students as well as institutions. (Allen & Seaman, 2007).
Families with one or both parents working full-time jobs find online educations as a way of acquiring a higher education because he/she needs to work to provide for the family. Students believe the flexibility of online learning is an advantage (Payne & Johnson, 2005). One student states he/she has a five-year-old son and it is cheaper for him/her to stay home with his/her son while taking online education courses, rather than paying the high cost of daycare (personal communication, May 31, 2010). Students who travel as part of his/her work would not have the opportunity to acquire a higher education if not for online...

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