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Online Gaming Issues

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The Addiction of Online Gaming

Online gaming is becoming a major concern in the world today. Online gaming is becoming more and more popular among various ages in today’s society. Along with this becoming popular, it is starting to become known as an addition as well. . The addiction of the game is causing serious negative psychological effects. These negative psychological effects are not only affecting the life of the one playing, but it is also affects the life’s of the ones closest to them.
Online gaming is affecting people’s health and physical ability. It is also causing negative affects in the gamers’ mental state of mind, both socially and emotionally. These are just a few of the negative psychological affects that online gaming is casing in the life of the gamer and his family. These characteristics are why online gaming can be considered to be an addition. In today’s society, millions of people play online games with more and more becoming addicted to the online world every day. The majority of those people are trying to escape their own lives and don’t have to deal with reality while they are playing games online. The online world can be whatever they choose it to be with them being whoever they want to be. In order to level up in these online games, gamers are almost forced to have as many “friends” as possible. Gamers, then become friends with other people, whom they have no idea who they really are in reality.
Online gamers can become whoever they want to be, and no one will ever know any differently. All they have to do is log onto their computer, find a game, and create an account. Once the gamer has created an account he has to create a character and a profile. The character is whomever the gamer creates and the character will play the game for them in the virtual world. They can choose everything about this character from your shade of…...

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