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Online Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

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Combining Online Marketing with Traditional Marketing

Marketing—the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising—is a powerful tool for attracting customers and promoting a business. (Chapman/Businessballs) There are many types of marketing strategies and mediums through which different companies implement the practice of marketing. This paper will shed a light on traditional and online marketing, highlighting the very concepts along with the pros and cons of each type of marketing.
The history of marketing is divided into two phases; the development of marketing theory, and the development of marketing practice. The history of marketing theory deals with the evolution of different
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“From the 1960s onwards, most markets have become saturated (the size of the market remains the same). This means that there is now intense competition for customers. The sophistication of marketing management has therefore developed into what we now see in a modern marketing department” (A brief history of marketing, n.d.). The first radio advertising started in 1922, and a decade later, the first television advertisement began; these along with newspaper and billboards were the early channels of marketing. It was not until 1970s that e-commerce or online marketing was started (Davis, 2013). In 1980, marketing was divided in two types; traditional marketing, and online marketing. (Davis, …show more content…
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