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Hey Guys, Here’s what I found out about cool online tools…


This scrum tool is a great way to organize your events and tasks, but needs to have an active team to input information in order for it to work properly. This is a collaboration tool and I signed on using LinkedIn. It was really easy to sign up, and has nice outputs for our progress and may actually be a viable solution for putting together our final presentation. The developers had three things in mind for this tool: It must be built on a social network environment, it should be based on agile methods, but not limited to it, and it has to be FREE for the user. A small list of nice things found in MOOVIA: • It’s free for any number of projects and members • Very quick to start (especially if connecting with your social accounts) • It’s light and safe, meaning good performance and data protection • Provides a great tool for team communication • It has a “cockpit” view of your project (important things and issues will come to your eyes) • You can connect with people and invite them to a project • Manage your projects in a graphical way, with the burndown and Gantt charts • Create sprints and tasks easily with inline editing (no extra screen to edit information) • Notes – a tiny great feature: create a commentary stream for each task, sprint, or event


This is another tool I found useful, but not for this project. It only allows free use for two people and three projects. But I’m certain I’m going to use it for my next project. It may be one to look at if you’re serious about program management for these reasons: 1. It’s SIMPLE. 2. It covers the basics of Program Management: Project dashboard, story creation, metrics, release schedules. 3. It has additional features: Collaboration for dispersed teams, full change history logs, role permissions, time tracking, and attachments (stuff you’re actually using for the project).

What the review said specifically about this tool: “Is there a perfect tool for any business? Absolutely not. That’s why development shops keep pushing the envelope and making our lives as developers even easier. Are there tools out there that are pretty darn close? Well, we got one on our radar. Enter: TinyPM (@tinypm)-­‐ A Lightweight and Smart Agile Collaboration Tool”

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