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Online Recruiting
HR Information Systems
Dr. Karen Golaub
June 1, 2015

As the economy and technology evolves, human resource practices often follow suit. There have been many profound changes, one of the most obvious and influence is the emergence of e-business. As part of this business revolution, web-based online recruiting has changed the way businesses hire people and the way people search for jobs (In, 2007). There are numerous advantages to using online recruiting, especially because using online applications allows businesses to reach a large pool of potential job seekers with a click of a button. In addition, e-recruiting methods have the added benefit of having cost savings, efficiency and convenience for all both businesses and job seekers (In, 2007).
Traditional methods of recruiting caused multiple problems as they were rife with delays and miscommunications. This resulted in a protracted hiring process with high costs associated. Often, job seeking is a time sensitive process and delays in hiring can cost the company time and money, something many companies can ill afford (In, 2007). To fully utilize online recruiting, HR must understand how to use the sites and which websites are the most effective. For every quality site, there are a thousand sites that are harmful. HR will need to fully vet each option and find out the applying habits of their target audience. A Fortune 500 company would be more likely to use LinkedIn as it is a huge database, whole membership grew by 25% last year (Cohen, 2013). In addition, LinkedIn can reach “passive” candidates, those that are not actively looking for employment but could potentially be interested if the right opportunity presents itself. Smaller business would be better served looking at job sites such as Indeed, which pulls from hundreds of databases and offers job seekers a centralized…...

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