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Transcript of "MRWEBPLUS - Online Reporting Software for Pharmaceutical Companies"
1. 1. Sales Force Automation System for MedicalSales Force Automation System for Medical RepresentativesRepresentatives
2. 2. MRWebMRWebPlusPlus is an innovative solution to serve the specific needs ofis an innovative solution to serve the specific needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry to increase sales throughthe Pharmaceutical Industry to increase sales through better customer relationship management.better customer relationship management.
3. 3. MRWebPlus deliversMRWebPlus delivers  Online ReportingOnline Reporting  Ease of UseEase of Use  Low Cost of OwnershipLow Cost of Ownership needed to succeed in today’s challengingneeded to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.
4. 4. Monthly processMonthly process Reports give out meaningful info which help MRs to perform better ASM can generate Employee Activity Report Product and doctor wise details of promotion, Call Monitoring Report etc ASM can generate Daily call summary Territory wise sales analysis etc MR enters Daily Call Report MR makes daily sales calls to doctors ASM approves Tour Program MR enters Tour ProgramMR enters Tour Program for the monthfor the month starts here MRWebPlusMRWebPlus
5. 5. MRs do not submit call reports on timeMRs do not submit call reports on time Collation of data is tediousCollation of data is tedious Productivity of the sales team is unknownProductivity of the sales team is unknown Analysis of data is time consumingAnalysis of data is time consuming Online tracking of sales team’s efforts is difficultOnline tracking of sales team’s efforts is difficult ChallengesChallenges faced by Pharma Companies
6. 6. Are you hassled by loads of tediousAre you hassled by loads of tedious paperwork?paperwork? Still going through thousands of manual DCRs? Still trying to collate huge amounts of data on month end? Still not getting a clear picture of your target vs actual returns on MR, Territory, Stockists etc? challengeschallenges
7. 7. Do you/colleagues spend aDo you/colleagues spend a lot of timelot of time in collating data for creating MIS reports?in collating data for creating MIS reports? challengeschallenges
8. 8. Do you getDo you get call averages, frequency of doctor visits, productcall averages, frequency of doctor visits, product promotions, comprehensive summary of MRpromotions, comprehensive summary of MR activity etcactivity etc at the click of a button?at the click of a button? challengeschallenges
9. 9. Are you facing a problemAre you facing a problem in keeping track of activities and expensesin keeping track of activities and expenses of your MRs ?of your MRs ? challengeschallenges
10. 10. A Sales Force Automation SystemA Sales Force Automation System that makes Reporting Easy!that makes Reporting Easy!

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