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Online Shopping vs Brick and Mortar Shopping

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Online shopping vs Brick and mortar shopping
With many brick and mortar stores now online, shoppers have the option of visiting a traditional store or shopping online at their favorite stores from the convenience of their own home. Some people find the convenience of shopping online along with gas money they save to be an appealing way to shop. On the other hand, there are those who do not want to sacrifice the personal service they receive from shopping in a brick and mortar store along with the social experience of shopping with friends and family. While people still want a personal and social shopping experience with brick and mortar stores, online stores are attracting customers with better prices and convenience.
The main attractions to online shopping for consumers have been convenience and lower prices. The cost of running an online store is considerably cheaper than a brick and mortar store; therefore, online stores are able to offer deeper discounts on merchandise and often free shipping with a minimum purchase requirement (Anderson & D'Innocenzio, 2013). There are websites like that offer cash back to customers that click through their website. Brick and mortar stores are fighting back by offering in-store only coupons, in addition to other discounts, in order to bring consumers back into their stores. In order to compete with many of the online store’s competitive prices, brick and mortar retailers have also begun to embrace technology by starting to sell their merchandise online. Many brick and mortar stores are now able to offer discounts to customers who shop at their online stores. A few of these retailers will match their own online prices for their in-store customers (Anderson & D'Innocenzio, 2013). Customers may also order online and pick up in store (Anderson & D'Innocenzio, 2013). Even with lower online prices and the convenience of...

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