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Online Training Using Powerpoint Presentation

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Online Training Using PowerPoint Presentation

allows for ongoing and lifelong learning

The program also allows for real world application of learning, emphasizing everyday information

Needs, Issues, and Problems Prompting Approach

Needs for higher education to provide an interactive approach to learning

Needs for learning to be based on real life examples and needs

Needs for learning approaches to be ongoing, lifelong, and fit into busy work schedules

Problems with some learning programs being limited to the presentation of material with no interaction, the use of web-enhanced courses with a hybrid of face-to-face and online, and use of web-centric interactive courses at one course site only

Needs for learners to form communities of practice learning

Needs to improve schools and raise academic standards

Needs to go beyond traditional approaches in which conversation consists of teacher instruction

Needs to focus on more than individual learning and performance

Strengths and Weaknesses of Approach

Strengths include Talk 2 Learn provisions of online tools to include the following:

Article: allows member to make written statements with pictures

Conversation: community members talk

Debate: Members comment on positions

File: resources and shared documents

List: hyperlinked lists to web pages external to Talk 2 Learn

Page: create new pages to publish items

Strength: Talk 2 Learn Integration Potential

Strengths also include the ability of community members to discuss a wide range of issues with the tools provided

Strengths include the ability to organize large amounts of people in a variety of ways

One-to-one as well as whole group communication can take place

Weaknesses of the approach are that results of this interaction may be disappointing at times since they are not based on scientific knowledge

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