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Online Versus on-Campus Learning

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Educational Technology Issue Question:
Should online higher education courses replace traditional on-campus learning?
Arguments for online courses replacing traditional learning:
Clark, K. (2009, April 2). Online Education Offers Access and Affordability. US News Education. Retrieved November 8, 2012, from Summary: US News Education provides rankings of the best universities and provides valuable insight for college students. In this article, the author argues that recent improvements in the quality of online courses are attracting millions of students. It also states that adults who are time-stressed and already worried about commuting to a campus university find convenience in online courses. As the economy began its decline, there has been an increase of students enrolling in online courses.
Coleman, S. (2005, August 14). Why Do Students Like Online Learning? Worldwide Learn. Retrieved November 6, 2012, from Summary: Worldwide Learn is an online resource for students’ educational needs. This article contains a list of reasons why more college students are enrolling in online courses. It provides a convincing argument that includes accessible course material 24/7 and allows for a broad spectrum of content. The article praises online courses for its flexibility, accessibility and quality of content.
Neal, R. (2009, February 9). Earning a Degree Online. CBS News.
Retrieved November 10, 2012, from Summary: CBS is a popular American news corporation. The article discusses the availability and values of pursuing an online education. The article argues that distance learners do better in courses...

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