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Online vs in-Store Shoppin

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Have you purchased a product via the Internet? It is getting more convenient to do so, and I seldom meet someone who has not done it. The online shopping is widespread at the age of technology. It is a trend; even so, there are still some benefits of conventional shopping that cannot be replaced. Time, risks, and the service are my concerns before I choose to do conventional or online shopping. The first difference is time. Shopping at stores takes more time than shopping online. I need a lot of energy walking around to look for what I want or compare the prices. While I am doing these things, I always have to spend at least 5 hours each time. For instance, once I find a skirt I like, I will pause to ponder whether it is suitable for me or if it can match well with my other clothes. Sometimes, I will go to other stores to see if I could find better skirts with more reasonable prices. During the time I look for better skirts, my mind will calm a little bit to see if I really want them or it is just an impulse. These processes all take me a lot of time comparing and walking around. It sounds like tortures. But for a woman, it is an enjoyment. Unlike shopping at stores, it takes less time and effort to purchase goods online, which takes only a few clips within seconds. And I can easily compare the prices in a short time. The most important is on-line stores are open 24 hours a day. There is no time limitation at all. I can do the shopping anytime I like! Another difference is the risk between shopping at stores and shopping online. The risk of shopping at stores is less than that of shopping online. I get to see the products in person so that there will not be incongruence in my imagination before and after purchasing. People who have purchased a product on the Internet may be more likely to experience such kind of disillusion. They may find out what they receive is not of the same quality as what they see in the pictures posted on the websites. In addition, the payment is made immediately without any trouble and worries in store shopping. Both the shop owner and the shopper don’t need to worry about follow-up problems. In contrast, online shopping owners are bothered with receiving the payments while customers are worried about the credibility if the sum of money is big. And the credit becomes vital when the risk is higher for online shoppers. I need to take risks purchasing cheap products so that I will not be disappointed at the products. Also, I worry about the honesty of the online sellers. “Are their goods the same as what is described on the websites? Do I receive the goods as promised right after the money remittance? ” These are my uncertainties about the sellers’ trustworthiness. The last difference would be the service. Disadvantages of shopping at stores could be advantages for shopping online. For instance, the store clerks might recommend some products, which is quite annoying. Oftentimes they not only disturb my decisions, but also ruin my mood. They are sometimes hard to get rid of. On the other hand, the after-sales service is guaranteed unless the shops close down. At least I recognize whom I can complain to or where I can get a refund for the dissatisfying products. Even though I won’t be disturbed when making choices on the products on the shopping websites, the after-sales service is not that convenient, which could be the reason for my giving up the service of goods exchange. I do not like to complain or request for refunds or exchanges through the phone calls. It makes me feel unreal. The clerk might ignore me after being polite over the phone. I would have to make another call as I lose my patience waiting for the result. It is bothering and makes me want to quit asking for a demand. These differences affect my ways of shopping. I admit shopping online may become more prevalent. It has some features that are suitable for busy people. Most of the time, however, I would rather choose to shop at stores where I enjoy “real” shopping very much. I still like the feeling of being in the reality where I get to see, touch, and be surrounded by various or vivid exhibitions. There is a suggestion for the sellers online. It could make me purchase products more via the Internet. I hope the postage for product delivery or the limited amount of purchasing money for free delivery fees would be lower. Due to high delivery fees, the sum of money is almost the same as the prices at stores. That won’t be a promotion even if the products are claimed to be the cheapest within the markets.

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