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Only Time Will Tell

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Only Time Will Tell Global warming is a topic that is affecting our world today at an alarming rate. We are seeing drastic temperature increase, receding polar ice caps, depleting ozone layers and habitat destruction. These things are all major issues that have become increasingly important because of global warming and there are numbers to prove that this is not just a hoax like some people believe. Increasing levels of Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere are raising the average temperatures on earth. Receding polar ice caps and rising water levels are destroying habitats for many creatures like the polar bear and other Arctic animals, and even are going to begin to destroy our own communities and space for living because there will be less land. Deforestation is also crippling animal populations in the tropics and forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. All of these things are major issues that fit into global warming and these things must change if we wish to not destroy this planet. One of the major causes of global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases. The main gas that is responsible for global warming is Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This gas is emitted from various things, mainly from the burning of fossil fuels, energy production and factories. It is because of the Industrial Revolution, the burning of fossil fuels became central to the drive of economies. Starting in England in the late 18th century, factories began to spring up all over Europe. (Gore) People switched from the burning of wood to the burning of coal to fuel the factories. With the switch to burning coal, more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere that increases the greenhouse gas effect. Carbon Dioxide is called a greenhouse gas because the molecules absorb radiation from the sun and continuously deflect them to other carbon...

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